"The possibility that the dream will come true
She makes life interesting"
(Paulo Coelho)

"The possibility that the dream will come true is what makes
life is interesting"
(Paulo Coelho)

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Hair transplants - hair transplant in Turkey

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Full hair gives a youthful appearance, increases self-confidence and improves personal feeling, that's why hair transplants are done in Turkey.

Men and women of different ages suffer from the phenomenon of hair loss, massive shedding and baldness.

If you have receding hair, thinning hair or baldness - and this bothers you, you don't have to accept the situation as it is, there is a solution! The situation can be treated and changed optimally. You deserve to look and feel good!

May Hair Israel is owned and managed by Hila Folat Moshe, has been around since 2015, and has become a household name in the field of hair transplants. The company's activities were a resounding Israeli success in Turkey, and became the leading company in the medical tourism and hair transplant industry in Europe. The company is among the only companies that hold an American certificate, one of the most respected and recognized in the world medical tourism facilitator which is awarded to medical tourism companies that meet high standards.

The counseling sessions and compatibility tests are conducted in our clinic in Tel Aviv and only the treatment itself is in Turkey. Another thing is that only after a careful examination of all the parameters, and coordination of expectations with the patient, he set out to perform the procedure abroad. There are no shortcuts.

The company operates six service clinics with expert medical teams in Israel and abroad, two hospitals in Istanbul that specialize in performing the procedure, as well as prestigious and well-known clinics in Dubai. The hair transplants in Dubai are done in cooperation with the Turkish medical teams.

We offer innovative treatments for hair transplants, when the procedure is carried out by and led by the best expert doctors in the field, and is carried out with innovative and unique surgical techniques such as   DHI, FUEincluding organic hair transplantation. The clinics also offer a variety of additional transplant treatments such as special transplants for women, beard and eyebrow transplants.

The medical procedures are carried out by Turkish doctors and specialist teams. In addition, our clients are offered preservation treatments to optimally preserve the results of the procedure, for which a team of doctors in Israel and Turkey is responsible, so that we accompany the patient even after the transplant and make sure to provide a full response. We have a local professional team that can be available and provide a full response most hours of the day. We take care of our patients in every respect throughout the entire process from A to Z.

We have accompanied thousands of satisfied customers so far and will continue to lead in the field and help everyone who wants to fulfill their dream in the best possible way!


The hair transplant methods - hair transplant process for men

It is very important to customize the method for performing the procedure, for each patient. The results of the procedure depend on this suitability examination, and it is determined by a strict medical diagnosis by the medical teams. Choosing the most suitable treatment method is the basis of success.

micro method FUE - with Sapir to perform a professional hair transplant

The baldness phenomenon is caused by a combination of several factors. One of the main reasons for baldness is genetics, but another reason is hormonal, which is influenced by diet and lifestyle. Of course, age is also a factor, as well as anxiety and stress situations.

the method of MICRO FUE, Follicle Unit Extraction The method is characterized by shaving the head and in three stages:

·         Extraction of donor follicles from the 'Bingorion' strip and sorting them according to categories (singles, doubles and triples)

·         Opening canals Precise work of opening dimples in the transplant area with the help of a tiny sapphire blade

·         Transplant selection of follicles and inserting them into the canals one after the other so between 2500-6000 follicles per transplant

The main advantage of theFUE Shaving creates an ideal situation where you can expose all the areas where there is baldness compared to the areas where there is growth, so this method has been proven to be the most successful in a situation of advanced baldness.

With this method, you can plan the initial hairline and determine the desired level of density in each and every area.

In cases of initial baldness, one round of transplantation will be enough to produce a very good density, but in the case of extensive baldness, two rounds will be required and proper distribution of the follicles in the area of transplantation.

Transplantation in an organic process

In this method, a liquid rich in stem cells prepared from the patient's own fat tissue is injected into the transplant area. From here, swelling is created in the area to allow a comfortable transplant, thus avoiding injections of a synthetic material that could damage the follicles in a conventional hair transplant procedure. In an organic hair transplant, fat cells are extracted from the patient and undergo a clarification process in a centrifuge, after which a mixture containing stem cells is created and injected into the patient's scalp. Thus, the recipient area is regenerated and the viability of the transplanted grafts is increased with the effects of the stem cell injection. The stem cells increase the health and quality of the donor area as well as the recipient area.

method DHI

DHI Direct Hair Implantation)) – This method of hair transplantation is called direct hair transplantation. This is a relatively new method and just like the method of FUE, it does not leave scars, the results look natural. Another thing is that this method does not require shaving. Hair transplants using this method are common among women and men with long hair or those with local baldness only.


The special technique used in hair transplantation DHI Engages in more advanced technology than the techniques available today. The follicles are taken with the help of a surgical pen that is less than a millimeter in diameter and transferred directly to the transplanted area. This technique requires a lot of attention along with the effort of accuracy and supervision of teams my hair  and offers many advantages to hair transplant patients.

With this method, a guaranteed lifelong hair transplant can be performed without the use of surgical tweezers or sutures or opening a hole in the scalp. Also, with this technique it is also possible to take follicles from the beard or the chest. The procedure can be completed in one session. This method gives a result of a more natural look with high density.

Advantages of the techniqueDHI

·         The patient can return to his daily routine almost immediately

·         The direction of hair growth can be determined with the millimeter hair surgical pen as needed

·         The hair growth line can be planned, resulting in a more natural look

·         There is no need to open canals in the area where the hair is transplanted, during the transplant procedure - the existing hair follicles are not damaged at all

·         Thanks to the delicate structure of the surgical pen, hair transplants can be performed with greater frequency and speed, which preserves the quality of the follicles and their receptivity.

·         Short healing process and no visible scars after recovery


about the process

The actual process involves traveling for three days. We have teams that work in Israel and abroad. The team in Israel accompanies the client from the first moment he arrives for a consultation and compliance check for the procedure, until the moment he boards the flight. We support the patient all the way, on the flight, during his stay, and of course during the surgery. We also have a fast route where the escort is virtual and is conducted via WhatsApp, and there are routes with close personal escort.


The first day - intended for preparations. The patient comes to our clinic at the hospital, undergoes tests including an examination of the donation area and an examination of the quality of the follicles, photographs are also taken of the condition before and all the necessary preparations for the procedure. After all the tests are finished, the patient is released and gets free time for his affairs.

The second day - the patient arrives in the morning to perform the transplant procedure. The operation is performed under intravenous sedation. It is important to emphasize that the procedure is not painful. When the patient wakes up, he will not suffer pain, and when the anesthetic wears off, standard pain relievers can be taken for a few days if necessary.

The third day (the day after the transplant) - the patient comes for a review and receives instructions on how to treat the area. There is a special treatment and you have to overlap in a certain way. From a medical point of view, there is no obstacle to return to routine. You can return to activity immediately after the procedure or within a few days, recovery is fast.

Uncompromising professionalism and quality

Our company was founded on the basis of the understanding that there are many Israelis who are interested in flying and undergoing a hair transplant and just need a professional to accompany them and help in the whole process.

With us, the patient receives a clinic where the patients come before and long after the transplant for reviews, trainings and complementary treatments. There are no shortcuts and we continue to accompany the patient even after the transplant, always making sure to provide a full answer 24/7. We also take care of the conservation treatments that are carried out at the highest level. on the conservation treatments

We provide patients with quality professional and personal support on the way to receiving the most advanced and successful treatment available today in the field of hair transplants. The good results speak for themselves. We have already accompanied thousands of customers and in practice have become the leading company in the field.

·         Satisfaction - personal accompaniment along with professional accompaniment so that each patient receives the best treatment on the way to a successful outcome that will satisfy them.

·         Exceptional service - we strive to create a safe and calm uplifting experience for our patients so that they are satisfied in every possible way.

·         Professionalism - all treatments are performed by medical teams and doctors considered in the field. We carefully examine each patient, and adapt the best hair transplant method for him, in order to achieve the best results. The thoroughness in the preliminary tests and in the surgical procedure itself is exceptional. We do not compromise on our patients.



Hila is known as an expert authority in the field, and maintains herself a YouTube channel and an Instagram account in which she posts videos with instructions for post-transplant care and many important tips that help a lot of people, you can contact her directly with questions and she happily answers any applicant.

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Hair transplants
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