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Istanbul is a world power in the field of hair transplants
As mentioned, there are dozens of clinics in Istanbul that perform hundreds of hair transplants every day. The treatments are provided at a high professional level and at half the cost of the same treatments in Israel. Of course, only if you have applied to a professional and regulated medical institution and not to private individuals who offer "cheap medical treatments".

After a review and examination of a wide variety of clinics, hospitals and private doctors, we chose to take you to the Asian part of Istanbul - to give you a hint Kadikoy, which is the eastern intersection of the city.

Kadikoy It is a large sub-district of the Istanbul district in Turkey. It is on the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara and faces the direction of the European Bosphorus. Kadikoy in Turkish means "Judge Village", it is also the name of the dominant neighborhood in the area - and this is the "neighborhood" we take you to directly from the airport, to a boutique hotel in the middle of the neighborhood.

Armenians, Greeks, Jews, and Turks live together in the area. There are several churches and synagogues in Kadikoi.
The neighborhood is full of open and closed markets, cafes, restaurants, many fresh fish restaurants (due to the proximity to the sea), quality and attractive shopping. 

The hotel in Istanbul

Istanbul is actually the unofficial capital of Turkey and is the first largest city in the country. Its population is over 14 million inhabitants. It is a fascinating city and is a pilgrimage center for many tourists from all over the world. Istanbul is characterized by a rich culture consisting of many museums, ancient sites, many markets, entertainment and nightlife, magical beaches, resorts and fine dining. It is an ancient city with a rich history, it is the only city in the world that is located on two continents which are the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia.

Tourism and medicine in Istanbul
Istanbul has become, in recent years, a powerhouse in the field of medical treatments in general, and in the field Hair transplants and cosmetic treatments in particular. There are dozens of clinics that provide advanced treatments by skilled Western-educated doctors, and the prices are low at 50% from Israel or Europe and the USA. Turkey has the intention to join the European Union, therefore all the health institutions and devices in the country are obliged to comply with the strict European standards, in terms of education and training of the medical staff, technologically and the level of service they are obliged to provide. There are several hospitals in Istanbul that work in collaboration with some of the leading hospitals in the world. Due to the development of Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, as a world medical power, the phrase "medical tourism in Istanbul" was coined. Thousands of people from around the world and hundreds of Israelis come to Istanbul every month to receive some kind of medical treatment, due to the professional service offered there and the many tourist sites. Those who come combine the medical treatment with a fun and relaxing vacation. Many Israelis come to the need Hair transplant in Istanbul Every year. They reported that they received excellent treatment from the Turkish care team and that there was absolutely no fear in their hearts.

So how does the process itself take place?

company My Hair Working in collaboration with Istanbul Academic Hospital And with an experienced and skilled wild medical team.

A representative of a company My Hair will accompany you from the moment you leave the country until your return. He will accompany you to the hotel, to the consultation meeting with the team manager, to treatment and inspection at the hospital as well as trips to the markets, to worthwhile restaurants and recommendations of a local guide who accompanies the group throughout our stay in Istanbul. 

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