The price for both destinations includes:

flights – Up to a height of 300$ per card.

We buy the tickets centrally for all customers according to the departure dates of the groups.

Traveling during the season or joining at the last minute, flights with a connection can sometimes be more expensive. The difference over 300$ must be paid separately.

The direct flights to Tirana Albania during the season are more expensive and can reach prices between 400-550 $

performed the transplant

Travel and transfers – All trips from the field to the hotel to the hospital for treatment and back to the hotel and the field are carried out by a personal driver who accompanies us throughout the days.

hotel – A stay of up to 3 nights is covered in the price (most groups go on a trip that includes 2 nights) in the constraints of flights and packages or personal preferences of the customer. If we have to stay more than 3 nights, the payment for the 4th night and beyond is at the customer's expense, at the cost prices that we as a company pay.

Escorting a personJEvery group we find goes out with a constant and close companion. The attendant is attached to the clients throughout their stay in the country where the transplant is performed. Helps in translating the explanations to those who need them, takes care of travel and schedules and all the patient's relationship with the hospital or clinic and the doctor. and offers tips for good restaurants, markets and trips in free time.

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