Travel stories

The story of Omri Ben Natan's journey

Big Brother star Omri Ben Natan talks about his journey with My-Hair 

The story of Michel Troni's journey

Michel Troni is known for his endless giving. In the midst of a corona year and his personal crisis, he decided that this time he chooses himself

The story of Elad Levy's journey

Elad Levy, an actor and network host, shares an eye-opening video about his process up close

The journey story of our generation

Dor, VP of May Hair Company, fulfilled a dream himself, documented and took you deep into the operating room then and now.

The story of Jania's journey

Jania, a youth guide and mentor, was chosen among thousands to document the transplant and share hand in hand - watch

The story of Elad Hadar's journey

CEO and owner of Sexs Group, a world-renowned consultant and mentor, shares from the operating room then and now, months after the hair transplant.

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