"Avoid!" - 5 things to avoid after hair transplants

We don't know how you vote with different votes - for, against or abstain, but we know one thing for sure: after a hair transplant process, and as long as you want (and you want) a good recovery and an impressive result, you will have to be "abstain". After the transplant, you will receive a detailed briefing as to what should be done and what should not be done, where the goal is to ensure a pleasant recovery period free of unpleasant surprises.

At my hair we take an approach of 100% transparency with our customers. and what does that mean? that even the things that are a little less pleasant to hear, we hear in the ears of our customers. We have a great responsibility - to ensure that the money and time you invested in the process Hair transplants, will give you the maximum result!

Therefore, in the professional consultation meetings we share every detail with our clients. Until we meet, we would like to share with you 5 things that you should avoid after the transplant. It is important for us to emphasize: the quality of the result does not rely solely on the quality of the work of the treating team, but also on your adherence to the recovery guidelines.

1. Blur the bald areas with powders hair fibers? Say goodbye to them!

Men who suffer from thinning hair, manage to create a richer hair look by using different powders. These powders, of course, do not prevent thinning or baldness, but provide an aesthetic-point solution (otherwise, you would not have chosen to transplant hair). Although the powders blur the thinning areas, it is forbidden to use them after hair transplants. The good news: soon, you won't need them anymore...

2. Have you gotten used to masking your baldness with hats? Say goodbye to them too

Alongside the men who have become accustomed to baldness, there are those who are not ready to accept it. the solution? It was camouflaged with hats that became part of their hallmark. After the hair transplant is performed, it is forbidden to cover the scalp. why? Because there is a fear that the hat/bandana will damage the implanted follicles. In order to avoid any such complication, it is recommended to avoid wearing hats for at least a week. 

3. Replace your morning coffee with tea or a natural drink

Although we don't know each other personally (yet), we're guessing that you too like to start your morning with a super-specific drink: coffee. Even if you define yourself as "addicted to coffee" and even if your eyes won't open without it, you will have to say goodbye to it for a short period of time. After the hair transplants, there is an unequivocal recommendation to avoid coffee consumption, when the reason is the blood pressure that may increase. Should you avoid coffee in exchange for hair on your head? We can imagine what your answer is…

4. Lifting heavy weights? out of bounds!

Are you engaged in the field of transportation or logistics, are you planning to move during the recovery period or are you training in weight training at the gym? It is important to know: you must return to full activity gradually, when it is necessary to completely avoid any physical effort in the first week of recovery. In the first two weeks after hair transplants, you should avoid lifting heavy weights - from shopping bags to weights in the gym. Full physical activity - free of restrictions and small lines, will be possible only one month after the hair transplant. 

5. Smoking is harmful to your health, and also to your recovery process...

For the smokers in the group, this is probably the most challenging and difficult news: the recovery period of hair transplants cannot be surrounded by cigarette smoke. It goes without saying that smoking is harmful to health, as well as to the normal recovery process. The corona crisis has taught many that crises also contain opportunities. Who knows, maybe avoiding smoking will make you give up cigarettes...

Do you have additional questions about the recovery period after hair transplants? Do not hesitate to contact us! Call now, *3800

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