Before DHI hair transplants - how do you turn negative stress into positive excitement?

Most men are (very!) excited about the DHI hair transplant process. However, some find themselves more stressed than excited. Just before you rush to relieve yourself "Why am I stressed instead of excited?", know that you are experiencing completely natural emotions. You are going to undergo a process that may change your appearance, but also cleanse you of negative feelings that you have been carrying around since the day the hair thinning began. 

So why are there any pressures and tensions in front of me? DHI hair transplants? The answer to this is quite simple: all men set out with a small dream in their hearts - abundant hair, but not everyone always knows what the process entails. What is happening is that a great uncertainty is created which creates concerns. 

Let's start and calm down because if you chose to transplant Hair transplants DHI hair - direct hair implantation, you have chosen well. This is the most effective and advanced method, which provides natural and impressive results with minimal risks. So how do you turn the hair transplant process into an empowering, enjoyable and exciting male experience? Actually, quite easily. Here are some tips that may turn tension into excitement, and fear into great anticipation!

Know well what you are going for

There are men who do not know how to deal with uncertainty - they need certainty at every step of the process. we are inmy hair They don't fly you into the unknown and reassure you that "you're in good hands", but reflect all the steps of the process - from beginning to end. We encourage you to ask us any question that comes to your mind, share your concerns with us and consult with us even about the little things that feel insignificant to you. In our meeting we will present to you the various transplant routes, the countries where the transplant can be performed, types The transplants including DHI hair transplants, the advantages and disadvantages of each method and more. 

Talk to people who have already gone through the process

When we meet men who express fear of the process, we recommend them to talk to men who have already gone through it. Many times the concerns are unfounded, and are created following myths, rumors or false information. We can tell ourselves about a process DHI hair transplants (and of course we will), but we still find great value in a conversation between a man who has had the transplant and a man who is going to have it. The information you can extract from this conversation will contribute a lot to your sense of security:

  • The composition of the team performing the procedure 
  • The degree of maintenance, equipment and cleanliness of the clinic 
  • The general atmosphere throughout the process
  • The average time spent in the treatment room 
  • The expected recovery and return to normal and more...

Go to the hair transplant with a person close to you

Let's start and relax with us, you are not alone for one moment! DHI hair transplants The VIP routes and the express route include full escort by our representatives. We accompany you every step of the way, so that you will receive a full, high-quality and appropriate response to your needs. However, this does not mean that you cannot fly to the hair transplant with your partner, father, mother, brother, sister or close friend. In our experience, being accompanied by a close person on a trip intensifies the experience, and contributes significantly to the feeling of comfort and personal security.

Look in the mirror and remind yourself what your goal is

There is no better way to deal with natural fears than to remind yourself what your purpose is. Before the transplant, when you look in the mirror, you will be missing one essential thing - hair. Smile to yourself and remind yourself that soon, the encounter with the mirror will be more abundant, happier and more complete. This motivation will obscure the concerns, but mainly will heighten the excitement and anticipation for your great journey -  DHI hair transplants!

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