Before hair transplants: these are the questions you should ask yourself

Since you have come this far, we are convinced that you are interested in the process of hair transplants. For this reason, you must have a lot of (!) questions running through your mind: how long does the process take, does the transplant involve pain, does the result look natural, is it possible to exercise after the transplant, in which country should a hair transplant be done, are there certain restrictions, and so on. The answer to these questions is essential and necessary, and in the face-to-face meeting between us we will provide you with all the necessary information! However, we encourage you - those interested in hair transplants, to ask yourself a few questions. 

In our opinion, it is important that every person who is interested hair transplant He will plant it for the right reasons, in the right place and at the right time. Just before we set out together on a common path that will end with hair on your head, we recommend you to dwell on the following questions.

1."Do I want a hair transplant for myself or for the company?"

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: am I heading down the path of hair transplant For myself or to please others? There will always be pressures from society, and so will standards of beauty and aesthetics that are only getting higher and higher. hair transplant It is a personal process (!) and the only thing that justifies it is an inner desire - yes and pure, of those who are going to carry it out. The thinning of the hair bothers you, you are not ready to accept the loss of hair and your self-confidence has decreased since the hair fell from your head? These are good and justified reasons for hair transplantation. 

2. "How will my life change for the better following hair transplants?"

We believe in coordinating expectations - ours versus yours, and yours versus yourselves. Ask yourself honestly: "How do I expect my life to look after me?" The hair transplant?”". Answering this question will allow you to see and feel the afterlife. Write to yourself on a page what you expect to change for the better in your life following the hair transplant, so you can remind yourself of the motivations for performing the process. For example:

  • "The hair will give me a younger, healthier and fresher look"
  • "I will no longer have to wear hats and provide excuses"
  • "I will be completely exempt from hair fiber powders that I currently use"
  • "I will benefit from higher self-confidence that will serve me on dates"
  • "My baldness will no longer define me!"
  • "I can finally take pictures and document beautiful moments in life" and more...

3."Where should I transplant the hair?"

This question should provide you with two main answers: in which country to perform the hair transplant and through which company. And why should we dwell on this question? For a simple reason: many times, people tend to shake hands and sign agreements with the first company they find. in such a significant process - hair transplant, it is worth going deeper, researching and comparing the different companies. The goal: to reach the most recommended, reliable and successful one! What is important to check?

  • The resume of the company's successes
  • Before and after pictures (after all, you want an impressive result!)
  • Are there any public opinion leaders who have transplanted hair at the company? (quality note!)
  • Recommendations and opinions of satisfied customers

And in which country should the hair transplant be performed? Give priority to the country where the conditions for a perfect hair transplant are met: a professional and skilled team in hair transplants, a country that is geographically close to Israel (short flight distance) and a fair, convenient and accessible price. It is impossible to talk about countries in which to perform hair transplant, without talking about Turkey - a hair transplant empire that won the honorable title thanks to a lot of hard work and impressive results.

Have you asked and answered yourself these 3 questions? Now, we invite you to ask us any question that concerns, bothers or intrigues you. To schedule a professional meeting, call now - *3800

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