Everything you need to know about hair transplants

Thinning hair or a bald head is mainly associated with older people and aging processes. In practice, there are also young men, in their twenties, who suffer from thinning hair and baldness. Do you also not remember the last time you smiled at yourself in the mirror? procedure of Hair transplants He will not only restore your smile, but also your hair!

In order to blur the uncertainty and provide as much information as possible, we decided to answer 5 very common questions that are addressed to us quite a lot. For more details about our transplant routes, you are welcome to contact us now - *3800.

1.”What is a solution of hair transplant? I don't really understand"

A hair transplant is exactly what it's called - a transplant of hair from your head. When we answer the question like this, the automatic response is to raise an eyebrow, so how can a man who suffers from thinning or balding hair be transplanted? The transplant process is based on a simple idea: there are areas where hair still grows and they are called "donor areas". Hair follicles are extracted from those areas and transplanted in the areas where the hair has stopped growing.

2. "Does the transplant amount to one treatment or are several treatments required?"

The goal is to sign the procedure of Hair transplants in only one treatment. In most cases, there is no need for another round of treatments, since the transplant is carried out thoroughly and by a team that is well trained in the entire procedure. However, if another transplant is indeed required, it will only be possible to perform it after a year or so.

3. "How long does the transplant take on average?"

This is the most frequent question: how long does the transplant take from the moment you sit down in the chair at the private clinic? There is no exact time that can be committed to in advance, this is because every man comes with a different "starting point". The more extensive transplantation is required, the longer the treatment time. From our experience, Hair transplants abroad Doesn't take more than 8 hours. Sometimes, the procedure can be completed in just six hours.

4."Is the hair transplant performed under anesthesia?"

To avoid discomfort and pain, the hair transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia (not general anesthesia). That is, the patient remains fully awake and can direct questions to the care team. Thanks to anesthesia, the patient will enjoy a pain-free transplant.

5. "I am an active athlete. Can I return to activity after the transplant?"

At the end of the procedure at the private clinic, each patient receives full instructions regarding recovery: what can be done, what is important to be careful of and what should be absolutely avoided. In most cases, physical activity is recommended one month after the transplant, and this is provided that the recovery progresses as expected and without unusual events.

The hair transplant procedure not only contributes to improving the appearance, but also increases the self-confidence and the personal-emotional experience of every man. for further details About hair transplant Abroad, leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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