Synthetic hair transplant

One of the most powerful and well-known techniques in the hair transplant market, it is a synthetic hair transplant, a breakthrough technique that provides the best solution for people who, until today, did not dare, were afraid and want to feel like one of the people, to feel the self-confidence increases thanks to the natural performance of natural hair transplants.

Who is it suitable for and how do you do it right? About that and the rest in the next article.

Synthetic hair transplants - who is it suitable for?

Synthetic hair transplantation is suitable for both men and women, using Hair transplantation from natural follicles , women who suffer from the problem of thinning hair can also leave the problems behind, leave the hair extensions and the wig behind and start enjoying amazing hair that will look after a few individual treatments.

Want full hair with an uncompromising texture and feel? Synthetic hair transplants are the secret for both women and men.

How is a synthetic hair transplant performed?

A synthetic hair transplant is performed by implanting two hundred and three hundred hairs in a short time of an hour. Therefore, it can be said that within a few individual treatments you can already see an amazing result with a pleasant texture as mentioned and most importantly a natural look with all that implies.

As mentioned, one of the most advanced methods is the transfer of follicles from one side of the head to the missing side and since not everyone was suitable for the method, from this another method of synthetic transplantation was created which has developed in recent years and enables a real breakthrough in everything related to transplantation.

The synthetic hair transplant is not painful, so those who do not want a painful or even expensive procedure, choose this method as a winning method.

It is important to note that this method is not exactly new, but provides a solution for those who are looking for a method that is less painful and cheaper than the usual transplantation, which is sometimes not suitable, and this is where the synthetic transplantation of follicles that are not natural but look as natural as possible and are implanted at the desired point comes into play.

The length of the hairs can reach up to 16 cm and in countless shades, which is also an innovation and an advantage that, as already mentioned, also allows women to be part of this transformation.

And now to the question of questions, is it dangerous? What can it really cause if anything? The answer to this is unequivocal.

No, it's not dangerous, moreover, the synthetic hair transplant method is completely safe, in fact it was created as part of the artificial hair transplant of hair made of hypoallergenic materials approved by the strictest body, the European standards.

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