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One of the problematic phenomena that exists is the phenomenon of baldness and hair thinning, and this is definitely a problem that many men and women suffer from. The image and self-confidence are damaged, which bothers many people on a personal level. Beautiful and full hair has always been associated with beauty, strength and health. Modern society puts a lot of emphasis on the external appearance, there is a high self-awareness, and it seems that we have all been swept away to fight the signs of time and the aging process. Baldness or thinning of the hair equates to an older and less vital appearance.

The fact is that men of different ages, even young ones, tend to suffer from shedding, thinning hair or baldness, and choose to treat the condition. There are many reasons for this - genetics, hormones, stress and a busy lifestyle, poor dietary habits, mental crises, trauma or various medical problems. All these and more are reasons for massive hair loss, thinning of the head hair and even progressive baldness.

hair transplant With advanced methods, it is a perfect solution for anyone who suffers from the problem, and in fact, in recent years, we see a crazy demand for hair transplants.

Until recently, the ultimate route for patients was to travel to Turkey and undergo the transplant there, this is because in Turkey the patients could receive the professional and high-quality treatment that exists, as the Turks have a great deal of experience and seniority in the field and are the leaders in the world in the field of hair transplants, and also because the cost of the procedure was significantly low Regarding the cost of the treatment in Israel, but today the situation has changed, and you can choose to undergo a hair transplant in Israel with May Hair by a senior surgeon who is an expert in the field.   

May Hair Israel leveraged its activity in the innovative clinic in Istanbul and has already become a household name in the field of hair transplants in Turkey, not only among the Israeli audience. She then offered a similar route to the procedure in prestigious clinics in Dubai. But finally, it was decided to bring the quality of the treatment to Israel, since there are many Israelis who would still prefer to save the trip abroad and undergo the hair transplant in Israel, yet are not willing to compromise on the quality of the treatment.

Bottom line, if you suffer from hair loss and it bothers you, whether your condition is in the initial or advanced stage, you should not delay and do what you can to stop the phenomenon and prevent the situation from worsening. The sooner you treat the issue and undergo a hair transplant, the more you will curb the problem and achieve the good result that will last for many years.

Hair transplant treatment at a high level here in Israel

Hair transplantation is a common and sought-after medical procedure that has a wide consensus. Until recently, many patients chose to fly to Turkey to undergo the procedure at the hands of the expert surgeons who are considered the best in the industry. But now, after several years in which the company's activities were concentrated abroad, May Hair decided to take all the knowledge and experience it had gained, and copy the meteoric success of the clinics it operates in Istanbul and Dubai to Israel. So today you can undergo a high level hair transplant, if you are interested in undergoing the procedure in Israel.

The difference in price between the process of performing the procedure abroad compared to performing the procedure here in Israel amounts to an additional cost of only $850. There is no doubt that although it is a short trip of three days abroad, for some customers it will be much more convenient and better to go through the procedure in Israel. The price difference It is not significant and completely worthwhile for anyone who is unable to fly for any reason, or who is burdened by the trip and therefore delays moving forward with the process.

Hair transplantation in Israel is performed by a senior Israeli surgeon as part of the company's skilled and experienced medical team, where each patient receives dedicated personal support from A to Z - starting from the consultation meeting, through all the necessary tests, and of course during the procedure itself and afterwards in order to preserve the results.

Have a hair transplant in Israel or Turkey - which is better? Is FUE hair transplantation the best method?

Israel is considered a powerhouse in terms of medical advancement, but specifically in the field of hair transplants, if we make a comparison it seems that Turkey is absolutely leading. The hair transplant procedure is an art and a handiwork, and it is a style of craftsmanship that has been firmly rooted in Turkish culture throughout the generations. The Turkish doctors are known as the ones who started specializing in the field of hair transplants decades ago, back when there was no awareness of the subject in Israel. But today it can certainly be said that the situation has changed. Israelis learn quickly, understand quickly and apply quickly. Although May Hair is an Israeli company and has always been based in Israel, the clinics it operates in Istanbul and Dubai have long since overtaken their competitors, and May Hair Israel is known as the leading company in Europe in the field of hair transplants.

Beyond the extensive experience and professionalism of the May Hair company, the company's medical staff in Turkey and Israel are required to meet the highest standards when it comes to accompanying patients and performing the procedure itself.

Therefore, when we examine today the process for performing a hair transplant in Israel with May Hair, compared to the process offered at the clinic abroad, it seems that there is no difference.

May Hair remains at the forefront of the field, in Israel and abroad, for the simple reason that with us there is no compromise on the method of treatment and the results for the patients. A customer who decides to start with May Hire, chooses to receive an impeccable dedicated service, and to be treated by the best and professional hands that exist in the market. With us, every patient is guaranteed a maximum result, whether he undergoes the hair transplant in Israel or abroad.

May Hair brings the world's most advanced techniques for performing hair transplants from Turkey to Israel. The transplant is performed by a senior surgeon and expert in the field on behalf of the company, accompanied by an experienced medical team. The success stories speak for themselves, and nothing is as good as meets the eye. Thousands of satisfied hair transplant recipients are not wrong. The price is worth the result. How can you attach a price tag to a substantial improvement in personal feeling? The answer is that it is not possible, yet the cost of the procedure is worthwhile and reasonable by all accounts.

We emphasize that the cost of the treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on his condition, the appropriate method for performing the procedure, the result the patient expects, the small amount of transplant rounds required to achieve the desired result, and more. As mentioned, the price difference is a total of 850 dollars. We recommend everyone who is interested in hair transplantation to coordinate a consultation as a start, come for an examination to understand what is required in their case, and then receive a personally adjusted price quote. Either way, the payment terms are flexible and payments can be spread out for your convenience.


Common questions

Why is the hair transplant procedure in Israel more expensive?

The regulation in Israel is stricter regarding medical and surgical procedure procedures in particular, this is compared to Turkey for example. Although it is a minor surgical procedure that does not require full anesthesia, in Israel the procedure can only be performed by a surgeon. Since it is a long procedure (implantation usually takes between six and eight hours), performing the procedure in its entirety by a surgeon involves high costs.

How many follicles can be implanted at once?

During the examination you can know exactly how many follicles will be transplanted, some people have a lower hairline and some people have larger or smaller cysts. Therefore, only during an examination is it possible to know the amount of hair follicles that will be allocated to each area and their importance for you, the density at the end of the day.

To sum up this question, it can be said that even here the Turks are skilled and know very well after one examination and consultation the amount of follicles that will be required and how to spread the hair so that the feeling will be natural and the chance of nooks and crannies or scars will be small to zero.

How do you know if the problem area will successfully absorb the transplanted hair follicles?

As in everything, here too the importance of prior consultation with the doctor is very important to understand whether the transplant is suitable and how it will be carried out in practice. It is also important to mention the type of hair and its suitability for the desired area.

We emphasize that choosing a good and professional doctor is a very important decision, because in real time and even before, the doctor will be able to know exactly how many follicles will be right to plant in the said area and at what angle for optimal absorption, and what needs to be done in order to get the best result in every respect.

What is a hairline and why is it important for the success of the transplant?

Of all things, there is no doubt that the line of the hair is important for the transplant to be successful, and therefore, here too, the experts in our Turkish clinics do not miss this and adapt what is needed precisely to the requirements and the existing hairline (obviously it is different for each and every one).

Wondering what types of hairlines there are? There is the hairline that looks like a semicircle, (the center of the forehead), there is the heart shape, there is a hairline that is not straight and more. From the moment the doctor notices the shape of the hair, growth and baldness, one can know where to take the donor follicles and how to transplant them in the missing areas in the best way.

When can I return to work after a transplant?

In principle, you can immediately return to work after performing a hair transplant. It is possible that the environment will be able to notice a certain difference, but as a rule, hair transplants today are mostly performed with advanced techniques that do not even require shaving the head. So there is no obstacle to return to routine the day after the procedure.

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