Hair transplants - much more than hair on the head!

Are you most beautiful when you are comfortable? You won't even believe how much! Many men (some of them, very young), walk around the world feeling missed, missed, that they are not good enough, "what if...", frustration and sometimes jealousy. Alongside the men who enjoy abundant and full hair, there are many Israeli men who at a certain point in their lives are forced to say goodbye to the hair on their heads. Men who lost their hair testify that losing hair is like losing a limb - something that was part of you and your body and was taken away. 

Now that you are interested in the solution Hair transplants, the only thing you long for is hair on your head. You will be happy to find out that the hair that will grow back on your head will reawaken you and make you smile from the inside out! Although aesthetic treatments are visible visually, they also work wonders deep inside... 

The connection between full hair and self-confidence

Your self-confidence has been built over years and is based on many things. Your appearance also affects your experience of yourself and the way you perceive yourself. Therefore, you invest and nurture yourself, and do everything you can to look your best. Along with the things that are under your complete control (balanced diet, physical activity, skin care routine, cosmetic treatments and so on), there are things that are a little less. An example of this: the process of hair loss.

This is a process that you cannot control, but you can definitely control your choices! Thanks to the hair transplant solution, baldness/haircut "Ben Gurion"/thinning hair are a choice: you can accept the current situation, but you can also choose to transplant the hair you lost back! 

Today, more than ever, men want to look good, invest in looking good and certainly are not afraid or shy away from the words "grooming", "beauty" and "aesthetics". When you choose to have a hair transplant, you choose to invest in yourself - in your appearance, your inner feelings and the self-confidence that may have weakened over the years.

Hair transplantation - a gift you give yourself!

The only motivation that should motivate you to transplant hair is you! Hair transplantation does not only change your appearance, but it also solves a lot of internal conflicts. There are men with thinning hair who feel that their starting point in dating is less good, that their low self-confidence closes doors for them in job interviews and that they are mainly identified by their thinning hair/bald head.

No matter how old you are and what your marital status is: this is your moment to look good and feel good! Hair on the head contributes to a healthy, vital and young look, it flatters and brightens the face and every morning starts on the right foot when you feel better!

When is the right time to perform a hair transplant?

This very moment. There is a myth that hair transplants require a large investment of time, but this is only a myth:

  • The actual transplant takes a maximum of 8 hours
  • In addition, 2 nights accommodation at the transplant destination
  • Upon returning to Israel, you can return to work / studies

Every day of your life without hair on your head is a day when you could feel better and more comfortable with yourself. The investment in hair transplantation is an informed, proper and wise investment that produces a tremendous chain effect:

  • You choose to invest in yourself and transplant hair!
  • At the peak of the process - you will enjoy abundant and full hair
  • With hair, you just look better!
  • When you look better - you feel better! 
  • You manage to bring a better version of yourself to job interviews, dates and social gatherings
  • The environment feels comfortable and safe for you and reacts to you accordingly

Your journey begins now! For more details about hair transplants in Turkey and Europe, call - *3800.

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