Men's hair transplants - 5 signs that it's time for a hair transplant!

There are quite a few men who accept their thinning hair in peace. Not only does the gradual baldness not bother them, but they also receive compliments on their new, hairless look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, andHair transplant Definitely not intended for all balding men. However, the average Israeli man is a little less enthusiastic (to say the least) about hair loss. 

In recent years, more and more men choose to sign up for a few vacation days, pack a suitcase and fly to the capital Male hair transplants – Turkey. Do you find yourself debating whether to transplant hair or accept the status quo? We are happy to share with you five signs that indicate that thehair transplant is the perfect solution for you.

1. You are obsessed with the rate of hair thinning

Do you start every morning by counting the hairs on your pillow? Do you spend long minutes in front of the mirror in order to gauge the rate of thinning and if it has spread to other areas? You don't allow them to take pictures of you from above so that the baldness in the middle of the head is not caught on camera? process of Male hair transplants may suit you. The obsessive preoccupation with hair (and to be precise: thinning hair) can be exhausting and even damage self-esteem. A process of a few hours will return to you what was lost over the years - your hair.

2. You waste money on solutions to blur the baldness

As long as you spend time and money trying to hide your thinning hair/baldness, process Male hair transplants Right for You. Although there is an advanced and permanent solution, there are still men who try other methods to humble their baldness: color powders that color the bald/thin parts of the scalp, through wigs and even tattoos that are supposed to simulate hair. Satisfaction with these solutions is not high, and beyond that - they intensify the internal frustration ("It doesn't work either!", "What else do I need to do?", "Why do I deserve this?").

3. You feel that your self-confidence is damaged

Is there a connection between hair on the head and the feeling of self-worth? for sure. It is supposedly "only" about hair, but the negative effects that thinning and baldness have on the emotion cannot be ignored. Young men (and not only them), who see their friends with abundant and healthy hair, naturally feel inferior to them. It is understood that what is inside the jar is more important than the jar, but the external appearance, especially in 2021, is the calling card of every person. Men also want to look their best, and as long as technology allows - why not actually? Male hair transplants While focusing only on hair regrowth, they improve the inner feeling of the men.

4. Baldness is what defines you

And if we delve for a moment into the issue of emotional damage and the decrease in self-confidence, then there are men whose baldness defines them. That is, they see themselves first as bald / with thinning hair, and only then all the other things. The fact that baldness defines you indicates the tremendous place it takes in your life. to your delight, Thinning hair or bald head, are not a derivation. Just as baldness defines you now, so abundant hair can define you in the future! 

5. You find yourself avoiding different situations 

The biggest red light because the baldness is bothering you: you avoid many situations that you would not have avoided before, when you had hair. Men with thinning hair / no hair at all, sometimes feel embarrassed and dissatisfied with their appearance, to the point that they prefer to give up hanging out with friends, going on dates or taking pictures. In such cases, it is clear that thinning/baldness controls you, and not you. However, you can control it - the power to change is in your hands. 

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