Hair transplants using the DHI method - the direct hair transplant

Even if you have forgotten the last time you ran your hand over your head and felt hair, you will soon be able to remember the pleasant, powerful and natural feeling: we are happy to present to you the most talked about and newest hair transplant method among men and women - hair transplants using the DHI method. There are several methods of hair transplantation, but as of this writing this method is the most advanced.
Here is everything you need to know about DHI hair transplants! For more details, scheduling an appointment or telephone consultation, you are welcome to contact us at the telephone number - *3800
DHI – hair transplant direct
If you were also interested in the possibility of a hair transplant, it is likely that you also heard recommendations about hair transplants using the DHI method from all sides. The full name of the method is direct hair implant. This method has notable advantages compared to other hair transplant methods, and is characterized by the following:

  • The hair transplant is performed with a unique pen-needle also known as CHOI
  • In this method, no incisions are made, and therefore the recovery period is shortened significantly
  • Mentally, it is easier to perform a transplant with this method since it is not conditional on shaving the head
  • The final result: more natural, more abundant and more impressive!

"So what is the difference between DHI and FUE implantation?"
DHI implantation begins just like the corresponding method - FUE. Even with hair transplants using the DHI method, a preliminary step of selecting a donor area (from which follicles will be taken) is required. In the DHI method, the unique CHOI pen which is the therapist's working tool, performs a double action:

  • Opening the transplant area + inserting the follicle (the actual transplant)
  • That is, there is no need for an intermediate step - an incision in the transplanted area, since the unique pen directly implants the follicles 

"I realized that this is the most recommended method for women, why?"
Not only men suffer from thinning hair, but also women. Unlike men who are not afraid to shave their heads in favor of hair transplantation, women - yes. This is the reason why many women give up hair transplantation - they are simply not ready to shave their heads and sacrifice their hair (even when the purpose of the operation is to transplant hair and improve their general appearance). Hair transplants using the DHI method, on the other hand, brought with them very happy news for women and men alike: if until now it was mandatory to shave the head before performing the transplant, now there is no need. That is, women with thinning hair are not required to part with their hair for the transplant, but it can be done that way as well.
"Is DHI hair transplantation less painful?"
It can be said in general about hair transplants in all methods that are not painful. After defining the donor area (the area that will accompany follicles to the balding/thinning areas), local anesthesia will be performed and only then will the actual transplantation begin. That is, there is no fear of pain or discomfort during the transplant. It is also important to emphasize that since no incisions are made with this method thanks to the special CHOI pen, the bleeding is minimal and recovery is much simpler.
What is the right age to have a hair transplant? You ask - we answer!
We are often asked what is the recommended age for a hair transplant. It is important for us to note that even in this case - age is just a number. There are young men under 20 who have thinning hair and are close to complete baldness. That is, you don't always have to wait until a certain age or reach a dropout threshold to perform the transplant. It is important to emphasize that age does not affect the degree of effectiveness of the transplant, so as long as the procedure is performed by a professional team and based on a method whose effectiveness is proven, you can expect an impressive result. 
"Would you necessarily recommend a transplant using the DHI method?"
On paper, hair transplantation using the DHI method is the most advanced. However, we believe that a specific transplant method is suitable for each person according to their characteristics and budget. We will teach you, characterize your current situation and accordingly recommend the most appropriate method for hair transplantation. What parameters will be taken into account?

  • The rate of baldness / hair loss
  • Examination of the donor area and the degree of hair density in it 
  • The extent of transplantation required 
  • Your expectations from the transplant 

We act with complete transparency in front of our clientele, while presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each method - from the price to the expected recovery period. 
We offer several transplant routes at different prices, which you can get an impression of here on our website. Hair transplant with my hair starting at NIS 9900! For more details, you are welcome to leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Is it safe to perform the transplant in Turkey?"
Not only is it safe to perform a DHI hair transplant in Turkey, but it is recommended to perform the transplant in Turkey. The doctors in Israel are great and medicine in Israel is advanced - there is no doubt about that. However, the hair transplant in Turkey is more recommended for several reasons:

  • First, the Turkish team is skilled in hair transplantation in all methods, including the DHI method. Know that every year, more than 100,000 are performed Hair transplants In our neighboring country! These numbers should make you happy for a simple reason: the local team gains experience, becomes professional, improves and becomes more efficient and you receive a professional transplant of the highest standard. 
  • Second, the price. transplant Hair in Turkey (by any method), cheaper and fairer than transplanting hair in Israel. How much ? In many cases (depending on the chosen method), the price in Turkey is a third cheaper than the price that will be offered to you in Israel.
  • In addition, hair transplant It is a kind of dream come true for men and women. There is one thing sweeter than a dream that comes true - a dream that comes true abroad! The trip to Turkey for the hair transplant is an opportunity for you to travel, taste, smell and get to know the local culture. 

DHI hair transplants with my hair! This is the time to touch the dream (and the hair on your head)! For more details and to schedule a consultation, you are welcome to contact us now at *3800 or receive Online quote!

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