Hair transplants abroad - benefits, transplant routes and common myths

Every man has a different growth, shedding to a different extent and specific expectations from the process. If so, how can the same route and the same implantation method be adapted to all men? At my hair we believe in adapting solutions on a personal level to each of our clients! and hence, We made three Implant routes, so that every man can choose the one that suits him best! We invite you to get an impression of the three routes here on our website: 

  • The conservation route
  • the fast track
  • VIP track

Sometimes, men ask us to choose the best route for them! This is the place to point out that there is really no route that is better than others, but that there is the specific route that is suitable and correct for the transplanted person according to his characteristics and expectations. So what is the importance of the transplant route, why transplants abroad are more worthwhile and what are the most common myths? 

Choosing the hair transplant route - what is its importance?

Hair transplants abroad are offered to you in three tracks Various. Our job (among others) is to offer you the route that suits you personally. Each route is characterized by different conditions and services, and above all - by a different implantation method. When the perfect match is not made - between the track and the implant, the result may be accordingly. 

We at my hair invest all the necessary resources in personal diagnosis and characterization for each of our clients. We emphasize this, because sometimes clients come to us who are convinced that they have found the perfect route for them. After a professional and in-depth examination, we can find that it would be correct to choose, for example, route X and not route Y. Choosing a route that is not correct for you, the customers, may amount to a waste of time, money and yes - also frustration. The experience we gained with great effort allows us to tailor a precise and correct transplant package for you. The goal: a result that will meet your expectations and the test of time.

"My friend was happy with the fast track. I trust him"

process of Hair transplants abroad is a personal-subjective process. And what does that actually mean? No matter how many recommendations you received from acquaintances on one route or another, they are not really relevant. For everyone, depending on the characteristics and scope of their dropout and their expectations from the process, a completely different route will suit them. Please note: it is possible that after the consultation, you will be recommended the same transplant route as the one recommended to you by friends or family members. However, it is not possible to determine in advance that route X that suited a certain person will necessarily suit you. 

once and for all: Hair transplant in Israel or abroad?

In our experience, no one is interested in hair transplantation who does not dwell on the following question: should the hair transplant be done in Israel or abroad? The answer to it will allow you to get to know in depth the characteristics of each transplant, compare the types and make a decision. Since it is about your external appearance and internal feeling, there is no room for shortcuts or compromises - only the best! Therefore, when you are considering options, it is appropriate that you give importance to the following things:

  • professional experience Hair transplants abroad And in Israel they are done manually. and what does that mean? that the professional experience of the treating staff is of great importance. The more professional experience, the faster the transplant will be, the simpler the recovery and the more accurate and aesthetic the result. Over the years, Turkey has become the "capital of hair transplants" (even if not officially), when those who crowned it as such are mainly the satisfied transplant recipients. So how experienced are the Turks in hair transplants? are performed every year In Turkey about 100,000 hair transplants!
  • The final result - It is impossible to talk about Hair transplants abroad without talking about the results you expect. In the end, you go on a journey for one simple reason: you want hair on your head. If we continue with the example of Turkey, then the experience of the treating team directly affects the quality and visibility of the result. We invite you to take a look at the "before and after" photos here on our website, and realize for yourself that your hair dream is achievable...
  • The price of the transplant - and the last parameter that should be taken into account in your choice status - between a transplant in Israel or abroad: the price. In Israel, as you know, only doctors can perform a hair transplant. As a result, the price of the process in Israel is very high, so not everyone can afford it. And in Turkey? The therapists do not necessarily have to be doctors, which significantly lowers the cost of hair transplantation. 

So what do you think about dispelling myths about hair transplants abroad? 

believe in myths? This is a possibility. smash them? A better option! From time to time we realize how much men who wish to transplant hair are fed by a multitude of myths that the connection between them and the truth is completely coincidental. Warning: you may find that you have postponed the transplant several times because of unfounded facts:

  • "Hair transplantation and physical activity do not go together" - Not only do they go together, but they go very fast together! Lots of men imagine a long recovery period, in which the only thing allowed to do is rest. And what is the truth? that after two weeks it will be possible to return to physical activity gradually. A month later, and as long as the recovery is progressing as expected, you can go back to training as usual! 
  • "I do not have enough Days off to get a hair transplant” – days off to get a hair transplant? There is no need for them, and now we will explain: it is clear that in order to fly to the process Hair transplant abroad, some days off from work are required. However, if you do not wish to sign vacation days, you can schedule the transplant for periods of the year when there are days off, such as the holiday period, the Passover vacation, and the like. It is also important to note that the recovery period (after the transplant) does not require you to sign a long vacation! why? Because you can immediately return to work. Basically, as long as your work is office (one that does not require physical effort or exposure to the sun), you can go back to work the very next day!
  • "I am indeed a man, but my pain threshold is low" – when you think about Hair transplants abroad, think mainly of injections, bleeding and pain that is very difficult to bear. So a syringe will be, natural bleeding - will be, but pain? He stayed outside the treatment room! While pain tends to be nagging, bothersome and sometimes hard to contain, discomfort (which you will likely feel), is much more muted. During the transplant, you will feel neither pain nor discomfort because it is performed under local anesthesia. In the first days of recovery, it is likely that you will feel discomfort in the donor area.

So what is the next step? We invite you to self-diagnose yourself here on our website, by clicking on "online diagnosis". You can also arrange a personal meeting with us, which will mark the beginning of the hair transplant journey abroad. We are available for any question, and are at your disposal every step of the way! For more details, call *3800

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