Hair transplants abroad: is it worth flying with an escort?

You too can tell about the great excitement you feel upon receiving a flight ticket to your email: you go through the details - your name, the date and destination of the trip, gather recommendations for selected sites and excitedly count down the days. You can't tell about one specific excitement at the moment, but very soon you will be able to: the excitement that will overwhelm you upon receiving a plane ticket to the destination where you will have your hair transplanted!

Unlike flights abroad with the purpose of a trip, your upcoming flight is a flight to make a dream come true! After a long period in which you fought/denied the hair loss, you decided to take control into your own hands: perform Hair transplants abroad. Today, the aesthetic procedure can be performed in Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus and Greece, of your choice. 

More than once we are asked whether it is worth adding another person to the trip, or whether it is worth flying alone. We strongly recommend traveling with a friend or family member with whom you can share the rare moments in which you make your hair dream come true. 

Hair transplants abroad with a relative - why is it worth it?

  • Opportunity to travel: you sign a leave from the workplace, pass through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and leave the country. Take advantage of the opportunity and add a close person to your trip with whom you can travel and experience the destination. Who is recommended to travel with? With a loved one: your spouse, mother or father, brother or sister, close friend and so on.
  • Sharing the exciting moments with a close person: it's not that you can't go through hair transplants abroad alone, but it's more pleasant to go through the process with someone else. It is always good to have a person next to you who knows how to calm you down, put a smile on your face and give you a sense of security. It is an exciting journey (many men define it as a dream come true), and it is more pleasant to go through and share it with a close person. 

"If I fly to the transplant alone, will I go through it alone?"

of course not! There are many men who choose to fly to the transplant destination alone, but this does not mean that they go through their journey alone. We accompany you every step of the way, so that for one moment you will not feel alone. We take care of you with full service and escort - from the moment you arrive in Israel until your return to Israel. 

"Does that mean there is also a local escort team?"

Definitely! With your choice to perform hair transplants abroad with us, you are accompanied all the way. Immediately upon landing (in Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia or Greece), a local representative will be waiting for you on our behalf. This means that you don't have to worry about talking - there is someone who will take care of all your requests: from recommendations for entertainment places to transportation to the relevant places.

Seeing is believing: before and after the hair transplant

Have you heard countless success stories but were not impressed by them? We invite you to enter the gallery page here on our website! It is not by chance that hair transplants abroad have become the preferred transplants of the Israeli male crowd: the fair prices, the dedicated staff, the tourist experience and above all - the spectacular result that the best way to tell is to watch it! 

In our galleries you can get a glimpse of the hair transplant procedure abroad:

  • Pictures from the treatment room during the transplant
  • Follow-up photos and rate of progress
  • Before the transplant and after the transplant 

"Which transplant route abroad do you most recommend?"

We offer three different routes for you to choose from. The reason we offer several routes and not one route is because we believe that a different hair removal route is suitable for each man - depending on his personal characteristics. We invite you to contact us and arrange a consultation with us. We will be happy to give you complete details, answer any questions and recommend the route that suits you - *3800

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