Corona as an opportunity: male hair transplants

Have you been wanting to take care of your hair loss for a long time, and for too long have you been avoiding meetings in front of the mirror as much as possible? The corona virus may determine how you celebrate your events and whether you can eat in restaurants, but it is certainly not the one that will determine for you whether or not to get a hair transplant. Men's hair transplants are performed even in this challenging period - the Corona period!

In Turkey or Georgia, Greece or Cyprus - you decide where you want to perform your hair transplant! Why is the corona virus a good time for a hair transplant?

  • If you work from home, you have the option of enjoying a "discreet" and under-the-radar recovery process
  • Are you still in Halat? You have a lot of free time to invest in yourself like you have never invested before!
  • Corona promotion is limited in time! Take advantage of our unique benefit!
  • Interested in receiving professional advice online? This is also possible!

Hair transplantation gives you much more than hair - it is an aesthetic treatment that enhances and increases confidence! Do not forget for a moment: hair loss is not a cut, but only a temporary condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

work from home? You are expected to have a comfortable and ideal recovery period

With the outbreak of the virus, quite a few employees had to say goodbye to their familiar office and adapt to a new office - the home office. You can love or hate working from home, but one thing is certain: home is the most pleasant, comfortable and suitable place to recover from a hair transplant. 

Although you can go back to work the day after the transplant, keep in mind that recovery is gradual. There are men who are embarrassed to be seen in public after the transplant, especially in the workplace. This is a personal aesthetic procedure, which not all men want to share with all the circles they belong to. During this period, when you are employed from home and do not meet with your colleagues at the workplace, you can perform a hair transplant without being asked questions or interested in the rate of hair growth.  

Are you in Halat? Use the time to invest in yourself!

Have you not returned to work yet? Take advantage of the free time you have for self-care and investment! These days, more than ever, you realize how blessed routine is. However, on normal days it is difficult to impossible to stop and decide that you are flying for a few days for a hair transplant. Every crisis also embodies an opportunity (this is not a worn-out cliché!), and you have the opportunity to fly abroad and return after undergoing a hair transplant. Precisely in such a period of uncertainty, frustration and low morale, you have the opportunity to empower yourself.

When the corona will end? You will have hair on your head!

On the one hand, you can put all your plans on hold and postpone them until the day after the crisis. However, you can continue to nurture yourself and your plans! The corona is quite restrictive, a little difficult and very challenging. And yet, the best way to deal with the crisis is to live alongside it. 

These days, there is a small glimmer of light thanks to studies showing the effectiveness of vaccines. How would you like to celebrate the day after? No matter which way you choose, you will be able to celebrate with abundant and full hair on your head...

And if you need another reason - Corona operation!

A hair transplant is not something you plan from now to now, but for the most part many men prepare for it ahead of time - mentally and financially. Following the economic crisis and the uncertainty, many men are wondering if this is the right time for them to have a hair transplant. In order to enable you to realize your hair dream, we have decided to give you a benefit from us for a limited time: a special Corona promotion for Hair transplants Men! For more details and the realization of the benefit, you are invited to contact us at the telephone number *3800

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