Online quote for male hair transplants

You yearn for a hair transplant, but in the same breath you avoid non-essential exits from the house as much as you can. The corona crisis may be limiting, but it won't stop you from realizing your hair dream either. Do you have to leave the house to get a quote for male hair transplants? It turns out not. We are happy to offer you an online quote - from wherever you want and at a time convenient for you!

Online quote - take care of your health!

These days the news editions open with headlines that do not bode well: there is a high probability that Israel will enter a third lockdown. On the one hand - your health is important to you and you do everything you can to maintain it. On the other hand, you don't want to stop living. As you know, male hair transplants start with an introductory meeting and a quote. On normal days that are not Corona days, you would surely be happy to come to our offices: get an impression of us, enjoy a face-to-face meeting and get answers to all your questions.

Now, in the midst of the crisis, it is likely that you are interested in staying in your home and reducing your exits as much as possible. Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to give up your dreams, your nurturing and investment in yourself. price offer for Men's hair transplants are given to you online - without you having to leave the house!

The main advantages of an online quote:

  • A quote in just a few clicks!
  • You choose the time and day convenient for you for the "meeting"
  • You don't need to bother yourself with physically coming to our office
  • And most importantly: you minimize meetings = keep your health and that of your loved ones

Ready to know how much it will cost you hair transplant?

Very soon, you too will receive an attractive offer for your hair transplant! So, how does it work? In order to be able to offer you a price, we must get to know you - your personal characteristics and your preferred transplant route out of the three routes we offer. Our introduction to you will be done by filling out a health questionnaire and sharing photos.

The professional diagnosis in favor of providing a price quote is based on only 3 questionnaires. In order to guarantee professional advice, you must respond to us as extensively, detailed and accurately as possible. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • Take high-quality photos of the scalp from several angles (front and back, from the sides and from above)
  • Fill out the questionnaire when you are free and focused (and not in the middle of the workday)
  • Answer the questions in the questionnaires as detailed and accurately as possible
  • Do not answer incorrect/inaccurate answers - they will affect the price quote you will receive

"How much does a hair transplant abroad cost?"

The transplant price varies from man to man, depending on the transplant route he chooses and the extent of the transplant required. Our prices start from NIS 1300 (preservation route), and reach up to NIS 18,000 for a transplant in the VIP route. We are committed to you, and therefore undertake to recommend the most correct route for you.

"Do you offer corona deals for hair transplantation?"

Definitely! The current period is challenging not only health-wise, but also financially. However, we believe that you should not stop yourself or cancel plans, especially when it comes to your investment in yourself. Although my prices Men's hair transplants abroad Very convenient, we choose to grant an additional benefit. Our goal is to make transplantation accessible to as many men as possible, and to ensure that the last consideration that guides you will be the financial consideration.

We are happy to offer a corona benefit, and in order to exercise it you must leave us your details. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer and a special benefit that will put a smile on your face and hair on your head! For more details, scheduling an appointment or questions about online consultation and a quote, call - *3800

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