We are happy to inform you that following the advice we received from our medical team abroad following your photos that we sent them, it appears that your donor area looks normal and will allow us to perform a transplant.

It is important to know and understand

  • in the transplant process, and as a company policy My Hair And our team of doctors, regardless of the size of the area that needs to be transplanted, we remove from the donor area the maximum amount of transplants possible. (except for transplantation in the eyebrow area).
  • Our strategy is to enable as dense a transplant as we can with a maximum of implants in order to maximize the result as much as possible.
  • Maximum implants to be removed in one session can reach between 5000 - 5500 implants.
  • All the implants are returned to the head according to the order of priority which means - in the front part (the front of the head and forehead) we implant in a high density and this part gets first priority in the distribution of the amount of implants that we were able to take out. After that, gradually go back where it is possible to allow transplantation in a wider distribution.
  • Important note- From each hair canal in the donor area, 2-3 follicles can be taken out into one canal.
    Each follicle will be implanted in a new canal that you will build especially for it. And if she has original potential from each follicle, another 2-3 hairs can grow again, so the transplant potential is always greater, sometimes twice as many hairs on the transplanted area.
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