The experts, doctors and teams

It is known that "3 doctors, 4 opinions"
It is a time when each of us with a little experience understands and knows that each doctor has his own field of expertise, each is "brilliant" in something else, each comes with a different way and a different view. Our heads are different, with the cases of baldness, the ages, the causes of baldness and more... My Hair Israel has recruited the best experts for you, each in their own field and designates you to have a transplant with the best hands for your head!
Shim💙 Transplantation is not jeans, and a brand will not help in this matter, but an experience and a perfect connection between a patient and the appropriate doctor and that is how the May Hair Israel company was born and established.
The list of experts - for your reference

A world-renowned expert in the organic method

Dr. Hacken

Hair transplant specialist

With FUE and DHI method, world renowned


Dr. Chagatai Gogorson

Anesthesiologist, specializing in organic transplantation

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ataturk University

Dr. Khaluk

Hair transplant specialist

With FUE and DHI method, world renowned

Dr. Serhat Osman Azlağ

FUE hair transplant specialist

Azagi 1


senior nurse

Dr* mousse

FUE concentrator

Dr* predict

DHI specialist

Aziz Exoz

transplant coordinator


Dr. Roya Derapsi

An anesthesiologist

Sedation specialist

*In Turkey and Europe, the medical regulation allows those with a profession and education at the level of nurses/paramedics who are paramedical teams, to perform hair transplant treatments. In these countries it is customary to call these operations by the honorific name of "Doctor" - which does not represent medical education as is customary and accepted in Israel.

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