Are hair transplants suitable for professional athletes?

Physical activity is welcome and recommended for everyone! Alongside the people who cultivate it as part of their healthy lifestyle, there are those who make a living from it. Professional athletes are active in sports such as football, basketball, judo, artistic gymnastics, swimming, competitive riding, volleyball, surfing and the list goes on. 

Professional athletes are endowed with impressive physical abilities, but are not immune to thinning hair and baldness. And so, the question often arises: Can active athletes, whose work and livelihood is based on training and competitions, afford to take a "time out" and perform Hair transplants? The answer may surprise you…

Hair transplantation for professional athletes - possible or problematic?

Your lifestyle is intense, you train many (!) hours every day and your achievements depend on the degree of dedication and consistency. Is a process of hair transplant Could hurt your career? We do not know what rumors (if any) you are feeding on, but are happy to inform you that you, athletes who train and compete for a living, can go through a process of Hair transplant abroad! 

We are guessing that two questions mainly bother you: 

  • "Is the hair transplant process conditional on a long recovery period that will affect my training?"
  • "Can sweating from intense training harm the effectiveness of the transplant?". 
  • Your concerns are natural, and testify to your loyalty to your glorious career! We are happy to be the ones who inform you that even in your status, you can hair transplant! 

What is important to know before performing hair transplants for professional athletes?

We take an approach of complete transparency with our clients, and believe that it is the only way to establish a reliable and professional relationship. Therefore, when professional athletes whose work is based on training and competitions come to us for a meeting, I inform them of all the "small lines". So just before you set off, what's important for you to know about the hair transplant And its effect on the training routine?

  • In the first week after the transplant, it is highly recommended (!) to avoid physical activity, especially one that is considered strenuous activity
  • In the first two weeks after the transplant, do not lift heavy weights. Therefore, if you are engaged in the field of lifting weights for example, you should avoid this activity
  • A month later from the transplant day, you can return to full activity! 

"I'm a football player, could the hair transplant be problematic for me?"

The answer is no. However, it is important to emphasize: in the first month after the transplant, football-type activities should be avoided, and the reason for this is simple: during the game, there is a possibility that the ball will hit the head. In the first 30 days, exposure to such vulnerabilities should be minimized as much as possible.

When should athletes perform the hair transplant?

Since the goal is to minimize damage to the training routine as much as possible, You should do the transplant The hair in periods of relative "silence" in the industry you are associated with. If you train throughout the year, it is recommended to perform the transplant during the holidays. 

"I am a 19-year-old active athlete. Could the hair transplant be suitable for me?"

In general, there is no obstacle to perform hair transplant at this age However, in our experience, it is worth waiting a little bit since hair transplants at young ages tend to be less effective. We are aware that a situation in which there is thinning of hair is far from ideal, and this is why young men consider the possibility of transplantation at young ages. Our commitment to our clientele is great, when our goal is to ensure a maximum and uncompromising result! Therefore, our professional recommendation is to wait a few years and only then execute hair transplant. 

So just before you go to your next workout, make an appointment with us at my hair! We invite you to a face-to-face meeting, during which we will provide you with all the required information on hair transplants abroad. Call - *3800

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