Did you pack by yourself? Hair transplants in Dubai are underway!

The happy news of the signing of the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates refuses to drop from the headlines: radio, television, newspapers and numerous Internet news sites continue to excitedly report on the historic agreement. While there are those who dream of a trip to Dubai, there are those who set themselves one goal: Hair transplants in Dubai. You too have the opportunity to fulfill an old-new dream - to get a hair transplant and to travel for the first time in a city that for many years has aroused curiosity and wonder among Israelis.

The "queen of hair transplants" is undoubtedly Turkey, which attracted and continues to attract many Israelis. Now, bidding Dubai has also entered the playing field Male hair transplant and for women. So a moment before you too start packing and a second before you say goodbye to your thin scalp once and for all, you too know everything that is important to know about Hair transplants in Dubai.

Hair transplants are performed in 3 different methods:

Most of the time, people interested in hair transplantation come to the consultation meeting with one request: "I want to enjoy abundant hair like I had in my youth." Beyond that? They do not know more details about the transplant routes, how they are carried out Female hair transplants And what are the common methods of transplantation. Here is a brief overview of the three hair transplant methods:

  • PRP – PLATLET RICH PLASMA. This is one of the most talked about methods, which has made a name for itself thanks to the principle on which it is based: in order to encourage hair regrowth, blood platelets and active plasmas are used. The case hair transplant is based on pumping blood and injecting it into the areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. 
  • FUE – FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION. Another popular method for hair transplantation in sparse/bald areas is the FUE method. This method is based on removing hair follicles from abundant areas (called donor areas), and transplanting them in areas where you want to encourage new growth. Implantation with this method requires precision and patience on the part of the treating staff, as careful work is required in order to extract each follicle individually. The huge advantage is that it is a method that does not involve incisions in the scalp, it is relatively short (between 6 and 8 hours) and the recovery is also simple. 
  • FUT - with this method, each hair follicle is not treated individually, but rather focuses on a specific area of the scalp full of hair. That is, it is a more invasive process based on incisions: the medical team marks a strip of skin full of hair and separates it from the scalp. Later, the hair follicles are prepared for transplantation and finally they are transplanted in the designated area. The donor area will always be from the back of the scalp and there may be a scar. 

The most common question is what is the most recommended transplant method? The answer is that each case is examined individually. Before a decision is made regarding the transplant method, each transplant candidate receives professional advice. There are those who will be recommended the FUE method, but also those who, depending on their baldness/thinness, will be recommended another method such as FUT. Male hair transplants And for women are customized implants, where the goal is to achieve the best and most durable result.

Hair transplantation - how is it different from other solutions for thinning hair?

It is very likely that before you were interested in the possibility of Male hair transplant Or women, have you tried other methods that promise to restore your lost hair. These methods include tattoos, color powders that color sparse areas, wigs, extensions, and the like. While the other methods offer an artificial solution, Male hair transplants And women produce a permanent and natural solution! The hair that will grow for you at the culmination of a process is your hair from your hair follicles! 

The hair that will grow will be natural looking hair! Since it is a permanent solution (the hair will just grow back!), you will no longer have to bother yourself with temporary solutions, exploring new methods and certainly you will not have to spend any more money. 

"How will I manage in Dubai? I've never been there before!”

Technically, anyone interested in hair transplantation can perform the process independently. On the other hand, you can join a company that takes care of everything you need - from tests and advice, through plane tickets and hotels to coordinating the procedure with the local professional team. Hair transplants in Dubai Like transplants performed in other countries, you are offered a deal that includes everything you need, including full escort already from the country. In other words: you don't need to compare medical teams, methods, prices, hotels or flights. What do you need? Decide that your time has come to invest in yourself with Female hair transplants or men.

What is the ideal time to perform a hair transplant?

The best time is of course now. And if I have to be precise: many perceive the hair transplant as a cosmetic-aesthetic treatment only. Indeed, the main motivation is of course to enjoy looking younger. Yet, Hair transplants in Dubai or anywhere else, creating an external change that also affects the internal experience. When you look in the mirror after the transplant, you will notice another thing that you may not have noticed before: a big, satisfied smile that shines from the inside out. 

process of Male hair transplants And we will put you in the center: your dreams and your desires. In order to ensure that the investment of your money and time will indeed be crowned as a successful investment, a series of tests are carried out to gauge your adaptation to the process and the chances of success. for most, Hair transplants Those carried out at too young ages are not so effective, so it is worth examining the procedure starting at the age of 25. 

Men and women of all ages share the desire to look good and feel good! You too can celebrate yourselves with Hair transplants in Dubai. 

"I want to do a transplant. I realized I would have to shave my head. This is true?"

Hair transplants start with shaving the head and only after that the hair follicles are removed and transplanted. Yet, Female hair transplant is performed in a slightly different way, so that all women can be calm. 

Hair transplantation - so how do you start?

You have decided that you want to go on a so-called journey Hair transplants in Dubai? This is how your journey begins:

  • Call us for a comprehensive and thorough consultation. The goal: to examine the chances of success according to your characteristics (age, level of baldness/hair thinning, etc.)
  • You will be offered several different transplant routes, as well as the recommended transplant methods
  • You will be offered several dates for the transplant, depending on the destination where you want to perform the transplant. For example: Dubai
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