How did hair transplants abroad become a hit among Israeli men?

For years, many men have invested resources in hair removal treatments. Today, however, the same resources - time and money, are invested in the opposite procedure - hair transplantation! The modern Israeli man is self-aware, wants to look the best he can and is not ashamed to utter the words "grooming" and "aesthetics".

The less happy news is that hair thinning cannot be stopped, but the hair can definitely be transplanted back. Hair transplants abroad The ones offered to you in Turkey, Georgia and Cyprus, among others, will allow you to look in the mirror and smile in front of impressive, vital and full hair.

Why men choose to transplant hair abroad And not in Israel?

There are 3 main reasons for this decision:

  • First, the professional experience of the local staff. Turkey for example is considered an authority in regards to the process of Hair transplants abroad. Tens of thousands of such procedures are performed every year. the results? Amazing! Since this is a procedure that requires an investment of money and time, there is a desire to play it safe and choose a high-quality procedure, a skilled doctor and a well-known clinic with a positive reputation.
  • Second, the price. The hair transplant in Turkey or other European countries is cheaper. In Israel, the procedure can only be performed by a doctor, which makes the costs very high. We offer the hair transplant procedure in several different routes, for your choice.
  • And the third reason: the experience. Most men see hair transplantation as an opportunity - a touristic experience alongside an aesthetic procedure. Almost always, the men who choose to undergo the transplant travel to Turkey with their partner, close friend or family member, and thus also take advantage of the stay to visit famous sites, markets, restaurants and shopping centers.

The connection between full hair and self-confidence

Although the procedure of Hair transplants abroad Focusing mainly on the exterior, it also greatly affects the inner experience of every man. Bald men or men with thinning hair often indicate low self-confidence. While full hair is associated with attractiveness, youth and freshness, sparse hair is associated with the opposite. Men also want to feel desirable and attractive, and thanks to the latest and most advanced technology, the dream of abundant hair can come true.

It's never too late to look young

Women have always invested in their appearance, but it was the men who felt less comfortable with so-called "self-grooming". In recent years, you can see more and more men who tend to take care of themselves, and invest in their appearance - first and foremost for themselves. procedure of Hair transplants It is considered relatively new, and as soon as Israelis learned about the possibility of enjoying a fresher and younger look, many of them jumped at the bargain.

In newspapers, across the web and even in the news editions, the journeys of Israelis who traveled to neighboring Turkey with thinning hair, and returned from there with a "different head" were documented more than once. It's never too late to grow your hair back, and there's no better time than right now to invest in yourself.

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