How do you choose a company that offers male hair transplants?

Have you been suffering from thinning hair or complete baldness for a long time? No matter what happened so far, but no matter what happens from now on: Male hair transplants abroad offered to the Israeli male audience. What hinders a lot of Israeli men on the way to realizing their hair dream is mainly the company selection process, and rightly so.

So just before you receive offers from several companies, perform price comparisons and collect recommendations, you too know: how to choose the most recommended company to accompany you in the process Male hair transplants?

1. What routes does the company offer you?

The most basic thing you need to check is the routes offered by the company. We are happy to offer several different routes, so you can choose the route that is most convenient for you:

  • VIP hair transplants including full escort
  • Hair transplants on the fast track
  • Hair preservation

It is important to emphasize: we are your full partners on the way! Male hair transplants Those performed abroad naturally raise a lot of concerns, but when you are with us, you can be calm. We take care of full accompaniment and plan a full schedule for you for the entire transplant process: from hotel coordination, pick-up and transportation and making an appointment at the private clinic.

2. Impressions from before and after photos

It is likely that you have also heard a lot about Hair transplants. However, have you been impressed by "before and after" style pictures? You won't even believe how much a picture is worth a thousand words! Using photos that reflect the condition of the hair before and after the transplant, you too will be able to get an indication of the nature of the result. Here on our website, you can be impressed by a magnificent gallery representing our success stories.

3. Recommendations of satisfied customers

Another thing you should do just before choosing the company accompanying the process of Male hair transplants: reading recommendations! While the pictures show the final result, the written testimonials will allow you to get to know us better. Here on our site there are selected recommendations from men who have undergone the transplant and can now tell about it. Through the recommendations you will be able to learn about the personal treatment we provide, the courtesy, the professionalism, the commitment to the best and the availability - before the process, during it and after it.

4. Does the company offer hair transplantation in Turkey?

Can't talk about Hair transplants without talking about Turkey. Israel's neighboring country has become a household name in the field of hair transplants. It is likely that you will prefer to undergo most of the medical procedures (may you be healthy!) in Israel. However, when it comes to aesthetics and hair transplant treatments, Turkey is on the map. We offer the hair transplant procedure in Turkey and other European countries, and the procedure abroad has several notable advantages:

  • The treating staff in Turkey has a lot of professional experience (over 100,000 transplants are performed every year!)
  • The price for a transplant abroad is lower compared to a transplant in Israel, which makes the dream of hair accessible to more men
  • Tourist experience: flight abroad, hotel accommodation, indulgent breakfasts, local markets, shopping centers and more...
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