So who is the international star who transplanted hair in Turkey with my hair?

There are two things that we do not need to introduce to you: one is the hair transplant process in Turkey. And the other? You are the creator of electronic music Skazi, who is known, among other things, for his participation in the successful programs "Machobarim" and "Golstar". And why should we linger anyway? About the hair transplant process performed by Skazi with our company, my hair!

Why should Skazi's hair transplant be of interest to you?

If you follow Skazi on social media, you already know that he underwent a hair transplant in Turkey last November with our company - My hair. Asher Soysa, better known by the stage name Skazi, He openly documented his personal experience while in neighboring Turkey. Influential media channels/Instagram pages - from Israel Bidur, through Hot Bidur to Mako, also shared his journey on the way to the hair he dreamed of. 

Since you are now reading these lines, we are convinced that you are also considering doing it hair transplant - in Turkey or another country. Naturally and naturally, you start your "journey" by collecting recommendations on companies that accompany the process, and that's how you came to us. Not that we want to testify anything about ourselves, but the choice of an Israeli-international artist to transplant hair in Turkey through us, testifies a thing or two about our quality, dedication and professionalism.

"Why did Skazi choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey?"

We maintain the complete privacy of all our clients - those who are known to the general public and those who are not. With your permission, we will not refer specifically to Skazi's choices and considerations, but it is important that you know why Turkey is chosen by many as the preferred country for hair transplantation:

  • A million dollar mirror (for much less money) - Not only can your hair dreams come true, but their fulfillment is possible with a convenient and fair financial investment. The hair transplants in Turkey are proof that the "million dollar look" costs much less. Here at my hair, you can transplant hair from only NIS 9900!
  • Try, try and try again - Every country in the world has assets to be proud of. And the Turks? They pride themselves on experienced hair transplant artists! Without knowing you, we are convinced that you will want to entrust your head in experienced and responsible hands. And the Turkish hands? They have proven and continue to prove themselves!
  • Minimum time, maximum result - The experience and skill of the Turks allow them to perform the transplant in a minimum of time, without compromising on the quality of the result! And how long does the transplant take? Between 6-8 hours only. 

"Could an artist of the caliber of Skazzi afford to lose days of work?"

As mentioned, we will not answer the question with a personal reference to Skazi, but in general. Hair transplantation in Turkey is perceived by many (and perhaps rightly so) as a process that requires taking a "time out" from the routine. When we tell our clients that we can usually get back to normal the day after the procedure, the immediate response we get is: "No way!" Fortunately for us and yours there is a situation, and as long as you follow the recovery instructions you will be able to return to your routine immediately. 

"Skazi's choice of you gives me confidence, but can I be impressed by other recommendations?"

We encourage our customers to read and watch as many recommendations as possible! For this reason, we have dedicated an entire page here on our website to testimonials written by our customers. We invite you to be impressed by screenshots of real recommendations written to us and about us. The recommendations are also backed up with photos, so you can see with your own eyes the results of the transplant! 

We at my hair are committed to all our customers equally! For us, every customer deserves VIP standard treatment, service and treatment! For more details about hair transplants in Turkey or to schedule an appointment, you are welcome to contact us right now *3800

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