So how many days off work do you need for hair transplants?

For a long time you have not been really satisfied with what you see in the mirror: thinning hair, "baldness" in certain areas and sometimes - complete baldness on the whole head. So it's true, you are much more than your appearance, but nevertheless, you don't have to compromise on a look that makes you uncomfortable. A hair transplant solution allows you to enjoy full, abundant and natural hair!

A little dream in your heart? there is! An effective hair transplant method? there is! Now, all you need is to come to a consultation, choose the route that suits you from among our three routes and sign vacation days. 

Many men who are interested in a hair transplant, more than once postpone the transplant on the grounds that "this is not a good time". Don't forget for a moment: there is no more worthy investment than your investment in yourself! This very moment, is your moment to do something for yourself - to improve your appearance and to improve your experience of yourself. So how long does a hair transplant take and how many days off work do you need? 

How many days off do you have to sign?

Perhaps the most common question we are asked is how long does a hair transplant take. Beyond the fact that it is important for men interested in transplantation to know how long the procedure takes, it is also important for them to know how many days off work they must request. So what do you need to know?

  • The transplant itself takes between 6-8 hours. The length of the treatment varies, of course, depending on the extent of the transplant required. The formula is simple: the denser a transplant is required and in more areas, the longer the treatment.
  • Our itineraries include a 2-night hotel stay. 

As you understand, you don't need more than a few vacation days. However, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity for a few days' vacation. Since the transplant is carried out abroad (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus or Georgia), you can also enjoy a hair transplant as well as a romantic / family / friend vacation. 

"Can I return to work after returning to Israel?"

Technically, you can fly to the hair transplant on Sunday and return to work already on Thursday. Yes, you read that right. In our introductory meetings with the men interested in hair transplantation, we discover that many believe that a very long recovery is required. In practice, your return to the workplace can be done the day after the transplant. It is important to emphasize that you must adopt the medical recommendations that the treating team will share with you. Therefore, if you are given a recommendation to wait a little while returning to work / avoid physical activity, adopt it.

"Can I return to work with the expected pain after the transplant?"

Great question! Can't talk about Hair transplants Not to mention the expected pain in the days after the transplant. Most of the time, these are tolerable pains that are described by the men as discomfort and pleasantness, and less as a sharp, stabbing and unbearable pain. This feeling will accompany you for the first few days (note that this is a completely natural pain), and it should not prevent you from returning to work and your routine.

So how much will a hair transplant cost you?

We offer three different routes of hair transplants:

It is important for us to point out that there is no more or less recommended route, but that there is the most suitable transplant route for you! In our introductory meeting, we will detail the routes - what is included in them and what is their cost. prices Hair transplants They start at NIS 1300 and go up to NIS 18,000. Your financial investment doesn't just buy you hair, but much more: a smile on your face, value and self-confidence and a youthful appearance. 

For more information about hair transplants in Turkey or Europe, call! We will be happy to give you details and arrange an introductory meeting with you - *3800

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