Scars and burns

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Hair transplantation in areas of burns and scars

Scars cannot be completely removed by any method, although it has been proven that with the help of hair transplantation using the FUE method, the scarred area can be covered in a certain way by transferring follicles to it. Initially, the condition of the skin and blood circulation in the area will be checked, and then the approximate percentage of success will be determined.

Removal of burn scars and wounds, which are located on the head, back, mustache and beard may affect a person's appearance, through hair transplantation, it will be possible to restore self-confidence and not attract attention and interest around the visible scars.

How is a transplant performed for wound and burn scars?

Similar to hair transplantation with the FUE method, healthy hair follicles are transferred to the scarred area. One thing to note here is the need to use a regeneration treatment such as stem cells, PRP or organic hair injection in order to "revive" the area.

But a hair transplant on a scar is done differently than a typical hair transplant, because the skin and tissues of the scar are different from normal skin and tissues.

How hair transplants work on scars and what to expect from hair transplants on scar tissue

Since there are no hair follicles in the scar, hair naturally does not grow into the scar tissue.

Under normal conditions, blood vessels under the follicles help them grow and regenerate. But when a scar forms on damaged skin, the hair follicles do not grow back. This is because scars are made of thick fibrous tissue called collagen that is formed to protect the skin underneath. This is different from normal skin, so the scar tissue cannot receive a typical hair transplant where hair is inserted into the existing follicles.

In order to transplant hair on a scar, the surgeon must transplant hairs that are still in their follicles in the scar. This allows the hair to start rooting and growing again once they make contact with the existing blood vessel.

Hair transplants in scar tissue also require regular and close care to make sure they are transplanted successfully. You may need several procedures due to the initial lack of blood flow to the area.

Often the scar tissue is thickened or raised. A doctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection into the area around your scar to flatten the surface of the scar and make the area look more natural.

How is it done?

The performance is by the FUE method. The surgeon shaves an area on your head or near your scar.

It pulls out a group of follicles from the skin and leaves behind tiny visible marks.

The surgeon makes openings in your scar tissue and inserts the follicles into the openings.

Dress the scar tissue with cotton and gauze. Once the area has begun to heal after surgery, the bandages will be removed. Sometimes you will feel pain or discomfort in the transplant area or in the area from which hair was removed. In the first days after the hair transplant, you may be forced to use painkillers and antibiotics according to a doctor's prescription.

Is it normal for hairs to fall out from the transplanted area?

It is normal if hairs fall out from the transplanted area. Hair may also not grow consistently in line with the surrounding area at first, so don't worry if it looks a little different from the area around your scar.

Hair growth in a scar?

The time it takes for hairs to grow in a scar can vary and is individual. As a general rule, the success rate of the transplant will be about 80% compared to 90% in a normal transplant.

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