Hair transplant - women

In the past, women who wanted to undergo a hair transplant process were required, like men, to shave their heads for the treatment. We offer an innovative treatment with an innovative technique mainly related to the skill of the wild medical teams who carry out the transplantation in thinned areas of women's hair without shaving the transplanted area.

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Baldness among women

Female pattern baldness is rarer.
Baldness in women is apparently caused by a decrease in the concentration of the female hormone estrogen in the blood, usually with the cessation of menstruation.
The statistics on hair loss and baldness are different for women and are lower. Only 25% of all women under the age of 40 will show signs of hair thinning and baldness and the numbers increase after the age of 40 and reach 50%.

Some of the reasons science managed to solve and some not.
We are talking about reasons related to diet, side effects after pregnancy and childbirth, health problems that are more common in women such as - problems with the thyroid gland, long-term use of low-quality hair products that can cause lasting damage to the hair and hair roots - especially treatments such as straightening and dyeing.
And here, of course, genetics plays an important part in describing the woman's reality.

A woman who experiences the hair on her head disappearing, experiences a very great personal difficulty. Our human need to be beautiful and attractive both in relation to ourselves and in relation to the environment affects both men and women. For women, the alternative of abandoning the war and becoming bald like most men can afford and not be exceptional - is an unthinkable option, it is linked to hair loss due to cancer and is seen in most modern societies as an aesthetic condition that does not flatter women. The pain of dealing with a balding woman is enormous.

Why do women go bald?

Female pattern baldness similar to male pattern baldness is mainly genetics and hormones.
In the female body in a normal state there is a male hormone - testosterone. This hormone undergoes natural changes in our body and turns into an androgen called dehydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that suppresses normal hair growth.
A woman's sensitivity to this hormone is inherited.

A young woman has enough additional hormones such as estrogen that know how to deal with and neutralize the side effects of DHT. As women grow older, the amount of hormones such as the estrogen hormone decreases in the body and there are fewer who will fight the damage caused to the hair follicles and the normal activity of hair growth on the head. The growth cycles are affected and shedding begins which becomes accelerated and eventually baldness can also occur. Female pattern baldness is never complete because women always have, in addition to damaged follicles, hair follicles that are not sensitive to the hormonal damage of DHT and manage to maintain normal activity.

To describe hair loss in women, there is another scale that characterizes different stages in the balding process - the Ludwig scale for female hair loss:


Women can suffer from hair loss after giving birth, this is also considered a common phenomenon due to extreme hormonal changes of the woman during and after pregnancy, different and lacking nutrition during pregnancy due to difficulty eating normally, or after trauma to the body - extreme stress, mental stress, depression and anxiety, poor nutrition , extreme diets, diseases and drugs that characterize female diseases.
Even pulling the hair back into a killer ponytail and tightening it with a rubber band has been described in studies as something that can damage the hair follicles and can cause them to weaken.

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Transplantation to areas of thinned hair

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Short high forehead


Eyebrow transplant

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