Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is suitable for men and women of all ages, but most of the patients who undergo the transplant are women. The eyebrows are a central feature of our face, they soften the appearance of the face and emphasize it, therefore it is a sensitive point for many women who finally decide to perform the transplant

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In recent years, women "play" with their eyebrows, a fashion that changes from a thick eyebrow to a thin or high one caused a significant thinning of the eyebrow hair of women. The option to perform permanent makeup in a variety of methods made the game possible but in the end left many women without eyebrow hair and with a smeared and unaesthetic tattoo drawing.

Eyebrow hair transplant is an innovative, creative solution (it is a self transplant), easy, simple and with stunning and natural results.

Eyebrow hair loss can be caused by several other reasons:

Before performing the eyebrow hair transplant, it is important to go through Professional diagnosis In order to ascertain what is the cause of the eyebrow hair loss. There are reasons that must be treated before performing the transplant to ensure the success of the treatment, for example a medical problem or obsessive plucking. The ideal situation to perform an eyebrow hair transplant and get good results is a lack of regrowth of eyebrow hair for at least one to two years.

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Eyebrow transplant using the method FUE

Today, the most effective solution for eyebrow baldness is eyebrow hair transplantation. This is a treatment that provides a permanent solution and creates a natural look that is almost unrecognizable, since the transplanted hairs merge with the existing hair on the eyebrows. The eyebrow hair transplant procedure is relatively simple, during which hair follicles are taken from a "donor" area with thin hair similar to the eyebrow hair (usually from the nape of the neck) and are transplanted very carefully with maximum precision and attention to the transplant angles to create a perfect eyebrow design. The transplant is performed under local anesthesia only, so the treatment itself is not accompanied by pain. The results of the transplant are already visible after about three months and the final results will be achieved after about 6-8 months.

permanent makeup (dermo-pigmentation)

In the past, one of the main solutions to deal with sparse eyebrows was permanent makeup, during which color pigments made from different minerals are injected into the skin. Permanent makeup is very similar to tattooing, but the difference between them is the materials and professional equipment used. Permanent makeup is considered a slightly painful procedure and is not permanent since it tends to fade over time and therefore requires regular maintenance. In addition, oily skin or exposure to the sun may also impair the effectiveness of the treatment.

hair method (microblading)

In recent years, another method has been developed that imitates the natural appearance of the eyebrows, but it is still not "the real thing". The hair method is also based on the introduction of pigments under the skin, but is done with the help of a sharp knife blade that creates a cut (scratch) in the skin. This technique creates very thin lines that simulate the effect of real hairs. Similar to the permanent make-up, this method is also considered a little painful and the pigments fade over time and in most cases the color spreads and becomes a thick and smeared line and loses the boundaries of the original painting and in any case requires regular maintenance.
The average cost of hair and permanent makeup methods ranges from NIS 1,000-2,500 for a single treatment. Although the cost is not relatively high, since the treatments have to be repeated frequently and over a long period of time, these are techniques that are not profitable and, as we have reviewed, are also not effective

Questions and Answers

Eyebrow hair transplant is suitable for both women and men. We will dye the procedure only for adult customers over the age of 18. The treatment is recommended for those whose eyebrow hair does not regrow for a period of one to two years.

Yes, after the treatment the growth enters a perpetual cycle and the hairs will grow naturally.

Eyebrow hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia by a professional and skilled team and with the help of unique equipment and a unique method. After examining the cause of hair loss in the eyebrows and finding that the patient is suitable for the transplant procedure, hair follicles will be taken from a "donor" area of the body with thin hair similar to eyebrow hair (usually from the nape of the neck or scalp) and transplanted into the "donated" area very carefully with maximum precision and attention to design Eyebrows and look as natural as possible.

Yes. Before the transplant, the doctor together with the client will mark the eyebrow above the eye. The drawing does not have to be exact, it should give direction of length and width of the eyebrow.
We recommend drawing and implanting a slightly thicker eyebrow than the client would like in the end.
The hair that grows will be able to be shaped according to shape later
A little more is better than a little less...

The transplanted hair is head hair and therefore has a similar tendency to grow in length as the hair on the head.
After transplantation, it is quite possible that you will have to cut your eyebrows in the process of your monthly eyebrow arrangement, and adjust the height of the hair to your eyebrow design.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is therefore painless. In the days after the treatment, you may feel discomfort or slight swelling, but these feelings pass by in a short time.

Return to normal is usually within 48 hours from the end of the procedure.

Yes, in company My Hair We provide our patients with personal and close support from the moment they board the plane until they return to Israel.

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