Transplantation in an organic process

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A fluid rich in stem cells prepared from the patient's own fat tissue is injected into the transplant area. In this way, the transplant area "inflates" to allow a comfortable transplant Thus avoiding chemical injections that could damage the follicles In a conventional hair transplant procedure. Healthy hair follicles collected from the donor area are transferred to the transplant area, which has been prepared and made fertile thanks to that autologous fat tissue (the organic process).

Advantages of organic hair transplantation Produced by injecting autologous stem cells:

  • The transplant area becomes fertile and efficient.
  • Hair transplant procedure becomes easier
  • Allows non-chemical and natural work
  • Nourishes the transplanted hair follicles and increases their attachment rate and density.
  • Provides up to 98% successful results in a hair transplant procedure compared to 90% in a normal transplant
  • Facilitates hair growth that is more "vibrant", healthy, dense and more durable

Why organic hair transplantation?

In conventional hair transplant processes, the focus is on the donor area - the healthy hair follicles. Follicles are taken from this area and transferred to the transplant area. However, there is a decrease in fat in the area of the transplant that fails to provide sufficient nourishment to the follicles, by injecting the autologous fat the area is "violated" in such a way that absorption will be increased and thus the result obtained according to studies is more natural and denser.

The donation area where the patient's healthy follicles are actually the real treasures in the transplant; It has been proven that a chemical substance injected into the scalp during a conventional transplant may indeed damage some of the healthy hair follicles.

In an organic hair transplant, fat cells are extracted from the patient and undergo a clarification process in a centrifuge, and then a mixture containing fat-derived stem cells obtained from the fat tissue is created. of the patients themselves, this natural substance is injected into the patient's scalp. Thus, the recipient area is regenerated and the viability of the transplanted grafts is increased with the effects of fat stem cell injection.

The stem cells also increase the health and quality of both the donor and the recipient area. Dramatically affects the results of the procedure, resulting in a higher proportion of hair follicles living healthily and thickening.

In traditional hair transplant methods, a chemical anesthetic is injected in order to increase the volume of the scalp. This process helps the surgeon work more comfortably. In this way, there is a certain damage of the chemicals in the scalp which lowers the efficiency of the hair transplant and delays the recovery of the donor and the donated area.

On the other hand, a mixture containing stem cells derived from fat is injected into the scalp in an "organic hair transplant" for the same purpose - causing rapid absorption of the follicles, rapid and efficient healing of the transplant area, greater hair growth and thickening of the growth in the transplant area.

Another point is that the surgeon can also work more comfortably after the injection of the mixture since the volume of the scalp increases. Therefore, working in a comfortable way for the surgeon together with the lack of pain felt by the patient lead to a more effective result.

What are the benefits of this process?

  • Increased efficiency of the transplant area
  • Regeneration with stem cell effects
  • Advanced techniques that make the procedure easier
  • The increased viability of newly transplanted hair roots
  • Healthy, stronger and thicker hairs
  • Success rate up to 98%
  • Decrease in existing hair loss
  • Achieving better body contouring because the patient's own fat tissue is used

Thick and shiny hair is seen by men and women as a symbol of beauty. Since hair plays an important role in defining one's appearance, it often serves as a matter of pride and confidence for many.

Organic hair transplantation with my hair is an effective surgical method for hair transplantation that guarantees thick and voluminous hair growth. For a method that combines both technology and biology, the choice of clinic is critical to achieving great results. My hair in collaboration with an advanced clinic in the world among the few clinics in Turkey that performs this procedure.

How to perform a hair transplant FUE  In the organic method?

Adipose tissue obtained from the patient's body is processed and enriched with adipose tissue stem cells in the Cihantimur fat transfer technique that uses a closed circuit system. The recipient areas where "organic hair transplantation" will be performed are sterilized and the mixture containing stem cells originating from the fat tissue is injected into the area. The volume of the scalp is increased and a nutritional process begins. In the meantime extraction of hair transplants at the donor site using MICRO BISTOURY. The injection of the living cells nourishes the receiving area, and helps to accommodate the implants better.

The extracted hair grafts were then classified according to their types and prepared for the transplantation process. In order to get the most natural result, the angles of the hair channels are precisely determined. The donor site is dressed after the completion of the "organic hair transplant" process, which will be removed the next day. The recipient area remains open.

The differences between "hair transplantation FUE"Organic and classic hair transplantation:

In the classic method, a chemical mixture is used with the aim of increasing the volume of the scalp. This process helps the surgeon work comfortably, but it has been observed that these chemicals also damage the scalp tissue. This results in a reduction in the viability of newly transplanted hair transplants.

In contrast, a mixture containing fat-derived stem cells is injected into the scalp in "organic hair transplantation" for the same purposes. Injecting this mixture rejuvenates the scalp without causing damage. The surgeon can work more comfortably after the mixture is injected because the volume of the scalp is increased.

Chemical injections are not used In an organic hair transplant clinic, which ensures that the follicles will not be damaged in any way. The injection of the living cells also results in a space in the scalp, which makes it easier for the doctor to implant a higher number of grafts and obtain a lot of hair.

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Insertion of the follicles

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