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Turkey - Istanbul
Albania - Tirana
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fair price

company My Hair Offers two travel itineraries for hair transplantation abroad
at fair and attractive prices
End of year sale
For all those who register until the end of December 18
15% discount

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company My Hair Operates a skilled and experienced medical team at our two sites - Istanbul and Albania. A team that includes a doctor accompanies the treatments we offer at both sites.
accompanying doctor and operation personally the treatment.
Experience in the treatment process is the determining parameter for success!


A tourist experience

company My Hair Offers a trip that combines a transplant abroad with the accompaniment of a local and Israeli guide for the duration of your stay abroad - all the free time is dedicated to organized trips.
Turkey - Istanbul 
Albania - Tirana

Travel itineraries - hair transplants abroad

Albania - Tirana

New location

Only about 3 hours flight from Israel
Quality and professional treatments
A modern tourist city that offers many cheap cafes, night life, a casino, historical tours and a spectacular mountain view and is also an attractive destination for pampering shopping.

Turkey - Istanbul

A global medical powerhouse
Advanced in the field of hair transplant treatments
A rich culture that includes - museums, antiquities sites, many markets, entertainment and nightlife sites, magical beaches, resorts and fine food.

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You don't have to go through this alone

company My Hair Takes care of you 360 throughout the process.

  • In Israel - advice, photos, quotations, ordering flight tickets, placement in a group and follow-up after your return to Israel - you are accompanied by an Israeli consultant.
  • At the airport in Israel - an Israeli escort will be waiting for you who will accompany you throughout the journey until your return to Israel.
  • At the airport, in the country where you choose to perform the treatment - a local escort will be waiting for you who will accompany you throughout your stay - he will help with translation, transportation, organized trips, escort to the fair markets, to restaurants, cafes, casinos and night life in the city.

You are not alone at any point!

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