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Hair transplantation using the Micro FUE method

hair transplant Progressive without scarring, performed under local anesthesia, painlessly and in one day.
In the first stage - a skilled team and under full medical supervision, removes hair follicles one by one while distinguishing, sorting and filtering quality hair follicles.
In the second stage, small channels (dimples) are cut in the transplant area. The great art and skill at this stage is the most important because it is actually drawing and sketching the layout of the follicles. This is a step that requires a high level of planning and precise work that redraws the hair lines for the future on the scalp.
In the third and last step, the hair follicles are inserted into the canals using special thin tweezers.

Advantages of the method


Istanbul - Turkey

A global medical powerhouse in the field of hair transplant treatments. Advanced hospitals, specialized medical teams with rich experience of thousands of patients. The city of Istanbul is fascinating, with museums, ancient sites, many markets, entertainment and nightlife, magical beaches and fine food.

albania landing

Tirana - Albania

Only about 3 hours flight from Israel. A modern tourist city that offers many cheap cafes, night life, a casino, pampering shopping, historical tours and a spectacular mountain view. Tirana is a new and attractive destination for the Israeli traveler. All the medical and paramedical staff performing the treatment comes from Istanbul, Turkey.


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