The 5 most common myths about hair transplants

Only a few years ago, men who suffered from thinning hair, a "Ben Gurion" haircut or complete baldness, had to accept their condition as a cut. Those who were not ready to give up the appearance of abundant hair, wore a wig on their heads which, although it obscured the baldness, did not contribute to self-confidence.

Today, thanks to the solution of Hair transplants, can any man preserve the young, vital and attractive appearance. Despite the wonderful opinions, the warm recommendations and the results that you cannot remain indifferent to, there are many myths surrounding the subject of hair transplants. Here are the 5 most common myths that it's time to bust:

1. "The hair transplant procedure is very painful"

Not true. This is probably the most common myth, so it is important to emphasize: Male hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel the pain. However, there is still a recovery period after the transplant, and it is very likely that it will be characterized by sensitivity and general discomfort. Unbearable pain and a process that is only suitable for people with a high pain threshold? of course not.

2. "A wig is better. The transplant doesn't really look natural"

Not true. The natural look is the real news brought by the technique of Hair transplants. Unlike other solutions that offer the appearance of abundant hair, the transplant is based on the patient's natural hair. Throughout the transplant, many efforts will be made to transplant the hair with high density, so that the look that will be obtained in the end will be of full, healthy, abundant and natural hair.

3. "Hair transplants abroad are considered less good"

Not true. Although medicine in Israel (yes, also aesthetic medicine) is very advanced, but in regards to hair transplants, Turkey is considered a leader in the field. Men who wish to undergo a hair transplant process almost automatically choose Turkey, which is considered an authority in the field. Every year, tens of thousands of men choose to go through the process in Turkey, out of a desire to choose the highest quality and safest process.

4. Do the procedure alone abroad? Thanks, it's not for me"

With us, you are certainly not alone! We offer a process of Hair transplants in several different routes. We accompany you all the way, and take care of the entire procedure: the plane ticket, shuttles, hotels, choosing a clinic and doctor and more. You - you need to decide that you are embarking on a journey that will end with you enjoying abundant hair. We - take care of everything required!

5. "After the hair transplant, you cannot work for a long time"

There are many men who repeatedly postpone the transplant, just because they don't want to lose days of work (certainly not in the days of the corona virus). To your delight and probably also to your surprise, technically you can return to your workplace the day after the transplant. Since the entire procedure is performed abroad, it is likely that you will spend a few more days in Turkey, but there is no obstacle to returning to routine activities. In any case, the attending physician will give you full instructions and recommendations for the recovery period. Did you also think it was impossible to return to work after the transplant? So you thought.

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