10 things you should know about hair transplantation

We don't know each other, but we're guessing that if you've come this far, you already know one thing for sure: you want hair transplant! During our diagnostic meeting, in which we determine together the The ideal transplant route for you, We will answer all your questions and enrich you with informative knowledge of great value. Until then, we are happy to share with you 10 must-know things about the hair transplant process. From our experience, you may be surprised…

1. The number of transplants performed in Turkey each year

Does your head and hair dream work for anyone? We're guessing not. For this reason, many choose hair transplant In Turkey, which in recent years has become a hair transplant powerhouse! The numbers can tell about Turkey's prestigious position in the hair transplant industry. Pay attention to the following figure: every year, more than 100 (!) thousand are performed in Turkey Hair transplants! The meaning is clear: you are expected to undergo a transplant by a skilled, experienced and professional team! 

2. Everyone deserves hair, but when should it be transplanted?

Let's delve for a moment into the topic of the recommended age for performance hair transplant. As we know, there are men who, even before being drafted into the IDF, have to deal with baldness (sometimes, even complete baldness). The meaning is that even very young guys express their desire to transplant hair in the "transplant capital" - Turkey. We believe that hair transplantation is not the goal, but the means. Therefore, since it is important for us to guarantee an ideal and lasting result for each of our clients, we recommend the process only for men aged 25 and over. When it is performed earlier, there is a fear that the results will not be satisfactory.

3. The hair transplant is conditional first on shaving the head

The only thing you can think of? Abundant hair on your head! When you decide to have a hair transplant, you are in for a journey - Exciting, fascinating and even empowering. The journey, like any other journey, will bring you together with several different stations and situations. one of them? shaving the head Before the actual transplant begins, you will have to shave your head - both in the donor part (the area from which the hair follicles will be taken) and in the area of the transplant. It is important to mention that men who first choose to transplant hair, suffer from baldness at different levels and in different areas. This means that shaving the head, which sometimes sounds like a rather extreme act, is almost meaningless when it comes to visibility. 

4. Your pain threshold? Not relevant at all!

Yes, men also have a pain threshold. Is it relevant in the process? hair transplant? You will be surprised, but the answer is no, and now we will explain: hair transplantation abroad is performed under local anesthesia. This means that you will not feel pain during the 6-8 hours of the transplant. And what about the recovery period? No pain is expected, but local, dull and temporary discomfort in the donor area (the area from which hair follicles were taken and transplanted into the bald areas). And in how long will the discomfort pass? up to seven days from the day of transplantation.

5. Do you define yourself as a workaholic? pay attention:

Perhaps the most common myth regarding hair transplants is that in order to perform the process you need to take a break from your routine. In other words? Sign an extended leave for the benefit of the process and the recovery period. Creating from myths a reality that does not exist is a possibility. However, a better option is to acknowledge the very happy facts: hair transplant It is not conditional on stopping the routine, suspending the career or postponing the studies! As long as your work is not physical (transporters, fitness trainers, warehouse workers, etc.), you can return to your work the very next day! 

6. Physical activity is welcome, even after a hair transplant

There is an indisputable consensus on one thing: the positive effect of physical activity on the entire population - from children to the elderly. Do you live a healthy lifestyle and exercise several times a week? We will calm you down and surprise you because you don't need to freeze your subscription to the gym, declare an "initiated break from training" and find yourself a comfortable position on the couch. Within a month from the day of the transplant, you can return to full physical activity! Other important things to know:

  • Sweating should be avoided as much as possible in the first two weeks after the transplant
  • After 14 days, it will be possible to gradually return to training 
  • Activities that may lead to head injury should be avoided (for example: football, basketball, etc.)

7. It is important that you be smart in the sun, but without hats

There is a very high probability that upon your return to Israel from Turkey, you will be welcomed by the sun in Israel. Naturally, many protect themselves from the sun with hats. Even if we put aside the sun, many men after transplantation want to humble the process they went through. The way to do this is with various head coverings. It is important for us to inform you that hats (or any other head covering) are not recommended in the first week after the transplant. The contact of the cap in the transplanted area may harm the healing process and harm the desired results. Seven days later from the day of the transplant, it will be possible to examine with the attending physician the possibility of covering the head with a hat.

8. The instructions regarding coffee, alcohol and cigarettes

Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette during your lunch break and on the weekends liven things up with friends? With your decision to perform a hair transplant, you will have to say goodbye to those. A good recovery depends on changing habits and adopting new patterns. We understand that giving up these can be complex, but don't forget for a moment your ultimate goal: ideal recovery and maximum growth! 

9. The formula for sweet dreams: sticking to the sleep guidelines

After the hair transplant, you will have to change your sleeping habits a bit. Needless to say, the transplant is done on the head, so the contact of the head on the pillow may be a little problematic. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The recommendation: in the week and a half after the transplant, you must keep your head at an angle of 45 degrees
  • About two weeks from the day of the transplant, after a professional consultation, it will be possible to return to "normal sleep" - without instructions or restrictions
  • It is important to know and remember: the way you put your head on the pillow will directly affect the recovery and the results

10. Find out for yourself which transplant route is right for you

At my hair we offer three different transplant routes: VIP route, fast route and conservation route. Which route is right for you? Find out for yourself! Here on our website, you can diagnose yourself all by yourself by filling out our online questionnaire. The system will process your data, and offer you the routes that suit you. We will also receive your data, go through it and share our professional recommendations with you. So let's start the journey on the way to hair? For more details about hair transplantation abroad,
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