from far away! Why hair transplants in Turkey?

Turkey is proud of quite a few entrants (and it has something to be proud of): from the famous market in Bodrum, through the indulgent Lahamjon dish to the "Bride from Istanbul" which became an international hit. However, perhaps the thing most associated with Turkey in recent years (certainly among the audience in Israel) is the process of hair transplants. 

Despite the advanced medicine in Israel, the processes offered in Israel are almost never taken into account. Most men interested in hair transplantation? Automatically choose Turkey as a destination to fulfill their dream! We at my hair believe in the transplant process in Turkey, but it is important to us that you also know what makes it recommended for you. Have you yet had the opportunity to research the types of transplants, the characteristics and conditions of transplants - in Israel and Turkey? We are happy to share with you valuable information! A tip from us: start working on your Turkish!

Hair transplants in Turkey - pay less, get more

Let's start with the thing that might interest you the most: The costs involved in the hair transplant process in Turkey. The main motivation for men to have a hair transplant in Turkey is the quality of the process and the result. However, the price cannot be ignored, which is also a consideration that should be taken into account. Many men find it difficult to understand that the "hair transplant capital" offers the process at convenient and cheaper costs compared to other places ("If they are really the best, how come they are not the most expensive?"). So how can you explain the affordable transplant prices in Turkey? Quite easily:

In Israel, hair transplants are performed only by doctors. And in Turkey? Brothers, sisters and paramedics. Since the transplant in Turkey is not performed by doctors, the Turks can price it at much more convenient costs. The main beneficiaries? You, the customers! 

Entrust your head in experienced and professional hands

Try to think about the last time you were looking for a professional, for example: you collected recommendations and read opinions, when your goal was to find the most experienced and professional professional! It is clear to you that the professional experience directly affects the quality of the service you will receive, even when it is only about repairing the air conditioner or painting the apartment. And what happens when it comes to your visibility, your dream and your confidence? There is no place for gambling or compromises - but only for the best! 

The comparison between Hair transplants in Turkey to Israel, unavoidable. By the way, we are not against this comparison, but welcome it! The more you research and learn more about the subject, you will discover that Turkey stands on the winner's podium when it comes to hair transplants. And how can this be explained? In one word: experience! Israel is a source of pride in many areas, but in hair transplants? There are benefits from it and Turkey is one of them. 

The Turks are "Hair transplant artists", when the heads of (satisfied!) men from all over the world pass under their hands. In Turkey, you will not "just" expect a transplant, but a transplant experience! The skill and professionalism of the Turks allows them to work efficiently, and thus finish the process as quickly as possible, which lasts on average between 6-8 hours. And how many transplants are performed each year in Turkey? You are expected to be surprised: over 100,000 (!) transplants! 

Pictures are worth a thousand words: hair transplants in Turkey

It is impossible to talk about transplants in Israel's neighbor, Turkey, without talking about the results. In the end, everything we explain and describe to you is pointless when the result is not satisfactory. So one possibility is that we tell you about the satisfied men who went through the process in Turkey. A better option? Be impressed by the "before and after" photos here on our website! There is no better way to illustrate the quality of the result, than a quick glance at the heads of the men who have already been transplanted. We believe that the indication of the quality of the treatment and the quality of the result is not only the hair on the head, but also the smile of the transplanted - which shines from the inside out. 

GodHair transplants in a variety of advanced techniques

Turkey is the capital of hair transplants, remember? It is not that Turkey enthroned itself, but that the happy transplanted men did! And what gives Turkey this impressive title? Mainly the impressive results, but also the various transplant techniques offered to men. And why do we mention this? Because not anywhere in the world, including in Israel, you can undergo a transplant with any technique. In Turkey, on the other hand, the hair transplant market is developed and is led by experts in the field. As a result, each customer can receive the best, most accurate and high-quality answer for him! At my hair, we offer you Hair transplants In Turkey in a variety of methods, including: organic transplantation, hair transplantation using the DHI method, micro FUE and even hair transplantation for women whose performance is not conditional on shaving the head.

Give yourself some freedom - "implantation vacation" in Turkey

So who said you can't combine business with pleasure? When you choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you are not only flying for a transplant, but for a tourist experience! The transplant takes between 6-8 hours, so you will also have free time that you can use for eating at local restaurants, visiting markets, iconic sites, and the like. Please note: despite the desire to discover the city and soak up the culture, it is important to be attentive to the instructions of the treating staff regarding recovery. We will already tell you that spending time in the city is possible, provided you avoid direct exposure to the sun/rain. For example, our VIP itinerary also includes a local tour and a shuttle service. 

Just before you fly: Online diagnosis!

We know, you can't wait to land in Turkey (thanks, so can we!). However, just before we meet to plan your journey, we recommend you do a quick online diagnosis. Thanks to him, you will be able to get an indication of the transplant route that is right for you. How It Works? Upon filling in your personal details, we will be able to recommend the ideal transplant route for you from among the routes offered. The diagnosis is carried out online here on our website, and requires an investment of only a few minutes. The details you will need to enter in order to receive a quick diagnosis:

  • your gender
  • The area where you want to transplant the hair
  • The year in which baldness began
  • Your personal feeling regarding the current state of baldness
  • Your year of birth
  • Your hair color
  • At this stage, we will offer you the route that suits you (conservation route, fast route, VIP route)
  • Now, you will have to mark the areas where you want to perform the transplant
  • Please note: you can attach a photograph of the scalp to us so that we can get an impression of the area and rate of balding
  • Choose the country where you want to perform the transplant. For example: Turkey
  • This! The diagnosis is sent to us, we will process the data and get back to you with an offer
  • It is important to emphasize: the diagnosis does not replace a personal diagnosis meeting
  • For more details, you are welcome to contact us now - *3800
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