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We're glad you've reached this stage in the process. We have prepared for you a summary of the necessary information to receive complete information about the hair transplant treatment. 

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marking the hairline

The hairline - refers to the first line most anterior from where the transplant begins, the line closest to the eyes.

This is the line that will be marked by the doctor on the day of your frontal consultation and also on the day of the treatment.

Marking the hairline should meet 2 important rules:

  1. It is impossible to transplant hair onto a muscle - therefore the line from which you start must cross the line of the muscles you have on your forehead. They will ask you to raise your eyebrows (make a surprised face) and the starting point will be the first point above the last muscle in the forehead.
  2. The hairline that usually recedes over the years - forward as early as possible but you should always try to keep your natural hairline.

For example - if even before the balding process you had them Bays Small ones on the sides of the temples, it is usually not correct to close the hairline directly (like bangs), but rather to keep the previous line and try to restore it.

We recommend coming to the treatment with your photos as close as possible before the shedding and baldness start. Do not bring photos from childhood... closer to the ages of 18-25. Photos where you can see your natural hairline

  • Before and after instructions
  • What should you pay attention to?
  • What is recommended to do in order to maintain the treatment and the hair

Best regards and good luck
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