Rayman Polat

The chairman of the group

Hi, I'm Rayman Polat and I'm 58 years old, father of a girl and grandfather of two amazing granddaughters. I am a lawyer by profession.

I believe that every business has to meet a real need otherwise it has no existence. As a person, bald it must be said, I have often sinned by thinking about my youth - my experiences, my hopes and also about how I looked. There, yes there, I had a mane of hair that fluttered whenever a small breeze arose... well over the years the mane became a feather that faded to a pleasant memory. Well, just when I said desperate and started eulogizing my mane of hair, technology seems to have answered that too. Today, we accompany many groups of customers who wish to regain their youthful appearance by Hair transplants In the scalp (women and men), by hair transplants in the beard, by hair transplants in the eyebrows (women). The transplantation methods are among the most advanced (FUE, DHI). Our service is mainly focused on caring for the client's experience, since it is a medical procedure that is carried out in a lot, with travel, treatments, tests, etc. and it is very important for us to be with the clients both in accompanying them, in taking care of their needs, and in guiding and explaining every question. The special service and close support are a candle to our feet and are not just a strategy but an essential part of our existence. Our care for our customers is the main reason for their trust in us and this is evidenced by the many thank you letters we receive. To conclude, we will continue to give our customers the most attention and the best treatment and to their satisfaction.

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