Where are the treatments performed?

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The aesthetic hospital was appointed

company My Hair  We have prepared to give you the best again, and due to the reality of the corona virus, you will be treated at a private hospital that is only for aesthetic treatments.
The medical staff at Mono Hospital undergo daily tests.
Upon your landing in the city of Istanbul, you will be given a quick corona test (15 days) and you will be able to move freely.
On the new routes you will be received in luxurious hotels that have been arranged and sinned in advance.
The new hospital was prepared to receive all the staff and doctors, the aesthetic hospital was appointed and opened a dedicated department for My Hair And there the patients are received in the VIP routes.

Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul

company My Hair Israel works exclusively with the Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul, known as one of the most luxurious and impressive in the Middle East. Medical Park is a hospital chain that owns about 28 hospitals and operating rooms.
The teams we work with, headed by Dr. Fonda Dimir - head of department Hair transplants, are skilled and experienced teams who only last February received an award in recognition of their work and the quality of care they provide to patients around the world. 
Dr. Fonda Dimir, plastic surgeon, who heads the department is a famous doctor under whom about 5 doctors and paramedical teams work.

*In Turkey and Europe, the medical regulation allows those with a profession and education at the level of nurses/paramedics who are paramedical teams, to perform hair transplant treatments. In these countries it is customary to call these operations by the honorific name of "Doctor" - which does not represent medical education as is customary and accepted in Israel.

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