Mrs. Hila Folat


"They say that 'everything starts at home', and indeed the amazing journey I went through in my life started from infancy from my parents who gave me all the tools to actually manage this unique type of enterprise."

Adv. Rayman Folat

Chairman and owner

"I believe that every business has to meet a real need, otherwise it has no existence."

Dor Mashhid

Vice President of Sales

"I believe that it is not enough for the salesman to be warm and cordial, but a high level of sensitivity is required from him, and even self-experience. And so, I personally experienced a process that changed my appearance and feeling from end to end.'

Naama Mins Cohen

Naama Mins Cohen

Call center manager

"As a hotline manager, I am exposed every day to people who have delayed realizing their dreams... people who don't dare and also those who are afraid. 
There is no great satisfaction from hearing a sentence that repeats itself "My life has changed", "How come I didn't do it until today".
Happy to be an integral part of the Mae Hare family. "

Nermina 1


Operating room coordinator

Burchai Bell

Director of medical system Turkey

"I'm Borsai, I was born and raised in Turkey
For years I have been specializing in accompanying and coordinating medical tourism all over the world.

It's been 5 years since I've been May Hire's man in the field.  

Waiting for you overseas 🤟🏻"


European system coordinator

"Hi, my name is Sami, coordinator of the European system,
Excited to receive your inquiries and help you realize a dream,
Here for you on every topic, every day and every hour, and in almost every language, English, Russian, German and Hebrew. So what are you waiting for, leave details.'



Online center manager

"Hi, my name is Shani, My Hair online customer service manager.
At the first stop for the fulfillment of your dream, I and the team of professional and kind representatives of the company will be waiting,
Always here for any question or consultation on any subject at any time. Happy to welcome you to our family with a lot of humanity and love.."


the experts
the doctors
and the teams

the experts
the doctors
and the teams

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