Mrs hila polat-mashid


Hi my name is Hila, CEO of My Hair, married and mother of two beauties and

Holds a BA degree in business administration .

It is said that “it all starts from home”, and indeed the amazing journey I went through in my life started from infancy with my parents, who gave me all the tools to actually run a venture of this unique kind.

My mother who had been an assistant dentist since the military era and the father of the eternal entrepreneur gave me the foundation for everything I experience today.

I started my understanding and apprenticeship track as a telephone operator at the family dental clinic and from there I went on to study BA in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.

Today, I am the next generation that continues to be the CEO of two companies that deal with aesthetics and dentistry, one of the largest and most talked about in the south of the country.

During my journey I have won many projects around the country as a lecturer, consultant and trainer in the field of medicine.

I led marketing processes for senior physicians while managing dozens of employees and providing service to tens of thousands of patients.

About 3 years ago I was exposed to an article on one of the TV channels about hair transplants in Turkey, the article fascinated me and after a short time I found myself on a plane on my way to Istanbul to bring this wonderful solution to the Israeli audience.

In Turkey, I conducted extensive and in-depth research on treatment methods while visiting the leading clinics in the field in order to bring the information and revolutionary technology to the Land of Israel.

I came to know that this is not a special technology but an artistic specialization that combines Sisyphean work of a large workforce with tremendous experience and special skill.

I saw workers perform hair transplantation with perfect precision and in an amazing technique without moving for 8-10 hours, and then I realized that sometimes you have to “leave it to the experts”.

Upon my return to Israel it was clear to me that I would take part in this field and I         immediately chose the best center and started accompanying hair transplant groups in Turkey.

With the growing demand among Israelis in a dizzying way and my desire to grow, succeed and respond to the highest standard to the Israeli audience, I opened My Hair, which provides services to dozens of stars in the industry and patients in Israel and abroad.

On the company flag I engrave in providing quality service, I had a real base – father and mother and an Israeli answer.

No more amateur market in Israel of brokers, agents and books with the “Send me on WhatsApp” culture.

We advocate long-term satisfied customers with personal guidance before, during and after the journey to lush hair.

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