Mr. Dor Mashhid

Vice President of Sales

Hi, I’m dor, 33 years old  Holds a BA degree in law studies. In the past, I worked in the real estate world. “The salesman” has always been.

A salesman was a kind of rude word, something that connects with a negative connotation of “sell”, “close” no matter what… So for me it’s a little different. I believe that a sale is born out of necessity, out of desire. If you know how to give the customer the details, processes and data he will know to make the right decision.

I believe that it is not enough for the sales person to be warm and cordial, but it requires a high level of sensitivity, and even self-experience. Therefore, I myself experienced a process that changed my look and feel from end to end.

I believe in creating closeness and personal connection, sometimes the solution is simple and sometimes you have to be creative. But I will always give the customer what is possible and I will not place false hopes in it.

Since I experienced the process for myself, it has been terribly easy to move out and share a life-changing experience.

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