Adv. Reiman Polat

Group Chairman

Hi, I’m Reiman Polat and I’m 58 a father to a girl and a grandfather to two amazing granddaughters. I am a lawyer by profession.

I believe that every business should meet a real need otherwise it has no existence. As a balding person, it must be said, I have often sinned in thinking about my youth – my experiences, my hopes and also how I looked. There, yes there, I had a mane of hair fluttering whenever a small breeze emerged. Well over the years the mane has become a Downy hair that has faded and become a pleasant memory. Well, just when I said desperate and started mourning the mane of my hair, technology apparently gave an answer to that as well. Today, we accompany many groups of clients who want to restore the youthful appearance by scalp hair transplants (women and men), by beard hair transplants, by eyebrow hair transplants (women). Transplant methods are among the most advanced (FUE, DHI Our service focuses mainly on caring for the customer experience as it is a medical procedure performed considerably, travel, treatments, tests, etc. and it is very important to be with customers both in accompaniment, care for their needs and guidance and explanation for each question. But an essential part of our existence. Our caring for our customers is the main factor in trusting us and this is evidenced by the many thank you letters we receive.In conclusion, we will continue to give our customers the most attention and the best care and satisfaction.

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