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MY HAIR, was established in 2012 within SKIN CLINIC and in 2015 became an independent company. Established as an aesthetics and beauty center and later specialized in hair transplants. My hair is currently working with six service clinics and two hospitals, most of them in Istanbul. With the advent of Peace with the Emirates My Hair has started working with clinics in Dubai along with high class hotels and of course a package of unique attractions – as there are in Turkey. Hair transplants in Dubai are done in collaboration with the Turkish teams that are considered the number one experts in the field of hair transplants.


Hila as CEO of My Hair together with her team offer our patients the Accompaniment, guidance, and direction for the most advanced and effective treatments, and help them achieve their desired results. The most advanced to hit the market.


MY HAIR has so far accompanied about 1230 clients and is considered one of the best hair transplant groups in Europe. My hair is one of the only companies that holds one of the most respected and recognized American certificates in the world of medical tourism facilitator awarded to medical tourism companies that meet high standards.


In the clinics we guide you to, all the most advanced treatments in the world in the field of hair transplants are performed, including unique and innovative methods and techniques: DHI, FUE, PRP, PRF, and organic hair transplants. The clinics offer a wide range of hair transplant treatments such as: head, mustache, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes.

our vision

is To be a company with the highest level of reliability, the most respectable and the most innovative.

Commit to being an industry leader in all of our activities. Our ambition is to produce natural-looking results in order to improve the coordination of the customer’s expectations and even exceed them and not forget for a moment that this is one of his life’s dreams.

Patient satisfaction – this is our motto and for this motto we have to work and this is how we do it. We check that the medical staff is experienced in all our innovative methods and that patients feel good during and after treatment. Our guidance begins with the organization of the entire procedure before the treatment, in the treatment itself we are right in the room with our patients and after the treatment in the provision of preservation treatments, in the country, in our inventions with high availability for the patient and answers to questions 24/7.

Exceptional service – We strive to provide our patients with exceptional service and experience. We want our patients to have an uplifting and unforgettable experience – to be satisfied with the treatments they received, satisfied with our accompaniment and guidance, satisfied with the materials we provided them, and satisfied of course with the level of flight, hotel, food, transportation, tours, shopping centers and everything the place has to offer.

Our mission

MY HAIR represents quality and integrity – in order to achieve this, we make sure to put patient satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

The doctors and the professional staff –

* In Turkey and Europe the medical regulation allows professionals and education at the level of nurses / paramedics who are paramedical teams, to perform hair transplant treatments. In these countries it is customary to call these operations an honorary “Doctor” – which does not represent medical education as is customary and accepted in Israel.

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